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  1. From nhl.com season. "Even though it may look like we have a lot of cap space, we don't because we have to make sure that we're not vulnerable in any way for offer sheets, or something like that, so we have to keep that cap space and flexibility moving forward here so that nobody gets any silly ideas," Kekkalainen said
  2. Regarding trading PK to Edmonton for some offence, the most I see Edmonton going for is 2 key assets out: a) this year's first and Yakupov b. this year's first and next year's first c) Hall and next year's first d) Draisaitl and next year's first e) Eberle and Yakupov f) Nooge and Yakupov c and d are the only ones that moderately interest me.
  3. Anyone else notice that this "positive" thread was started by someone with "hate" in their username? Kinda funny...anyone...anyone...hey? hey? ya!
  4. I like that idea fnveenie, Drouin for our 1st. Possibly throw in a low prospect if needed.
  5. To be competitive next year, we need Price in net. To really push for a Cup, we need Price in net AND we need a top line center. Assuming nobody in our roster is that top line center, and assuming that we do not land a top line center UFA, then that top line center can only be acquired via trade. So your options become: 1) Trade picks and/or prospects and/or picks and prospects to acquire this one top line center 2) Trade quality wingers and/or defense to get that top line center (a hockey deal) I'd rather trade a key wing or D asset to acquire a key center asset, than mortgage the futur
  6. If I were GM, I'd bring the goon back, but this time I'd have him as my backup goalie for every game...so I'd need two good goalies, and one goon goalie throughout the year. The goon goalie is the backup for every game (except the ones he misses due to suspensions). When does the goon goalie play? When the opposition starts taking liberties, put the goon goalie in, and then have him beat the opposing goalie to a pulp. Then put your starter back in. Just rattle their goalie, mentally and physically. The goon goalie ideally is a 6'9 275 pound monster that no opposing player can stop, perh
  7. Some fun nicknames with "Time" as the theme: Price - PrimeTime Subban - ShowTime Desharnais - HalfTime Tinordi - DinnerTime Gallagher - GoTime Do you have any others?
  8. Vanek always wanted to get to Minnesota, so the Sabres, Islanders and Habs were unable to keep him. Does anyone here know if there is somewhere Stamkos really wants to play? Toronto? If its Tampa, then they'll just resign him.
  9. Nice to have this done, great price, and though I'd prefer a longer term, I like that it keeps him focussed on developing.
  10. Cup window opens in 2016-2017 with: Pacioretty-Stamkos-Gallagher Galchenyuk-Eller-Scherbak Weise-McCarron-Kassian DeLaRose-Mitchell-Smelly Subban, Beaulieu, Petry, Markov, Emelin, Tinordi Price
  11. I was not aware that Stamkos is UFA after next season, thank you for pointing that out. Its surprising that he has not been locked up for the long term yet. I believe Subban and Stamkos are buddies which could help attract Stamokos to Montreal. There are absolutely some pieces that could be moved between now and then to make cap room for Stamkos. This is very interesting.
  12. Pacioretty-Plekanec-Gallagher Galchenyuk-Desharnais-Semin Weise-Eller-Kassian DeLaRose-Mitchell-Smelly
  13. If I were the GM of the Montreal Canadiens, this would be my blueprint to win a Stanley Cup: a. Recognize that our current youthful core (Subban, Beaulieu, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, etc), will become our contending veteran core in the short term (2-4 years let's say). b. That veteran core will need a young core (Scherbak, Hudon, McCarron, De La Rose, etc.) to step up beyond their years. c. In 2-4 years, if it looks like the mix of veterans and youth is yielding a real chance at winning, start trading picks and/or prospects to fill immediate help, and make a push for the Cup until you either wi
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