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  1. 7 hours ago, claremont said:

    Nonsense - Read up on Brandon Dubinsky and likely LTIR relief my earlier comments on Hall  - CBJ has tons Of cap room with Dubinsky likely to never play another game.

    From nhl.com


    "Even though it may look like we have a lot of cap space, we don't because we have to make sure that we're not vulnerable in any way for offer sheets, or something like that, so we have to keep that cap space and flexibility moving forward here so that nobody gets any silly ideas," Kekkalainen said


  2. I have a question, not sure if this is the right place for it but here goes:

    What is the goalie crease for / what are the rule surrounding the goalie crease?

    I believe if a player puts his hand on the puck in the goalie crease that its a penalty shot. Are there any other rules surrounding the goalie crease?

    Thank you!

  3. Here's my best guess for the moment:





    and if there is not a god:





  4. Eller is a 3rd line center, and at best a 2nd line center.

    Plekanec is a 2nd line center, not a #1 center, and too good as a #3 center.

    Desharnais is a 2nd line center, not a #1 center, and not suited as a #3 center.

    Galchenyuk will be the #1 center within 2 years.

    So, up front, I'd be planning for:

    UFA/Trade - Galchenyuk - UFA/Trade

    Patches - Desharnais - Cole

    Prust - Eller - LeBlanc

    Moen - White - Gallagher

    I like Plekanec alot. More than Eller and Desharnais. But Galchenyuk is going to need good wingers to form a real #1 line, finally. The Patches-Desharnais-Cole line is not a #1 line, last year, this year, or in 2 years. Its a great second line though and with a #1 center being drafted, damn, we're really going to be getting somewhere by 2014. Trading Plekanec in a package could bring in one of Galchenyuk's wingers, and the other could be acquired by UFA.

  5. I thought Pouliot played really well last night...at least he was noticeable.

    Gomez on the other hand...geez it just kills me all that cap space gone to someone making zero impact.

    But this is the Benny thread, and I thought he was flying around out there, hitting, and making some things happen.

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