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  1. You can take pics,flash or no flash and you can film from anywhere in the Bell Centre,at least I did for 3 games last season including the last game of reg season, a woman "placier" even took a pic of me and my friend with ice behind us.I get chills when I watch my vid of last second of last reg. season game and the fans going mental when the players raised their sticks to us. I dunno how to post on youtube but am gonna look into it so I can share the few vids I did last year and hopefully the many more I will this season I will try to take better pics too(my pics from last year suck) P.S.Thanks to everyone here for sharing both your pics and vids,GO HABS GO!!!
  2. Username: CaptainCanuck Real Name: Jonathan Live: Montréal, Canada Born: Montréal, Canada Age: 40 Favourite Current Hab: Maxim Lapierre Favourite All time Hab: Maurice "Rocket" Richard Favourite Hab Prospect: None atm Last Words: Go Habs Go!!! I been a Habs fan all my life if for no other reason than my dad listening to the games all the time when I was growing up.I became a true-blue fan in 1993 when I saw them win the cup with a 12$ standup ticket.I been collecting Habs/NHL related stuff since 1990 from t-shirts to cards to autographs to anything and everything and spent a reasonable amount of $$ over the years.This year I changed my collecting habits, I wanted to do something special and different for the 100th so I decided to collect souvenirs instead of material stuff. I bought a crap load of tickets(38 for 12 games) and decided to share my passion for the Habs with family, friends and loved ones + a few strangers. I love this forum thingie although I can't seem to stay in one forum and get something coherant going so far but that's all good it's great to have a place filled with fanatic fans like myself