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  1. This isn't even a question. Sergei is, hands down, the more well rounded and experienced forward of the four vying for a spot right now. Pyatt? Had a pretty impressive pre-season but not even close to cracking the line-up unless he's a spare. Pacioretty? Clearly not ready for the NHL. Stewart? No. D'agostini? Shown some offensive flare, aside from that he is horrid. No defensive awareness or hockey sense at all.
  2. I have a request for whoever has some good seats or an amazing camera can you please take a lot of pictures of Sergei for me? Please! Or at the very least a few shots of him without his helmet? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'll do it, how big you want it? Just the logos, no writing or anything?
  4. So I've been told, lol... Thanks for the comments, I just love the look of the small ones, I'm not a fan of the huge banners some people have around here.
  5. Whoa, I'm a little late to the party but those are SICK!!!!
  6. Thanks, let me know when its done.. I really appreciate it.
  7. Real Name: Patrick Live: Montreal, Quebec Born: Montreal, Quebec Age: 18 Gender: Male Favorite Team: Canadiens Favourite Current Hab: Sergei Kostitsyn & Carey Price Favourite All time Hab: Patrick Roy
  8. Thanks I'll use that if no one offers to make one. I really just want something small, half the size of that... Maybe 300 x 100. Thanks alot though.
  9. Would anybody be willing to make me a Sergei Kostitsyn one please ? I'd just like his name, number & autograph on it.. you can be creative with the rest.... Let me know, thanks in advance!
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