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  1. Public Enemies: 8/10 Alice in Wonderland: 7.5/10 (only because I expected it to be just a bit darker/edgier) watching Johnny Depp movies 2 nights in a row: 10/10 (sorry guys, lol)
  2. Moon 9/10 http://www.screenwize.com/archives/480 (one of the few reviews I was able to find that doesn't give away the whole premise of the movie) My Life in Ruins 6/10 (I thought this movie would suck, I totally hated My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, I actually enjoyed it! )
  3. Lucky you! I wish I could have been there... My favorites: Patrick! My all-time favorite ...and Youppi! always rocks Me too! What was up with Benoît and the bunch of no-name players I never heard of, anyway??
  4. Je viens de terminer The Boleyn Inheritance par Philippa Gregory - je dois dire que l'histoire est beaucoup plus intéressant dans ses livres que dans les livres d'histoire qu'on étudiait à l'école! (Même si ce n'est pas necessairement tout vrai...)
  5. Oh boy Alors ça fait 19 matches maintenant qu'il n'a pas de but, est-ce qu'on peut espérer un hat trick dans le prochain match? J'ai presque pleuré quand il a frappé le poteau hier soir, je suis assez frustrée pour lui... me semble qu'il travaille fort ces quelques derniers matchs mais rien ne marche
  6. And my Nov. 24 pics (I was in the reds but they're still not as good quality as certain other people's pics )
  7. Awesome pics, CRB and Twenty Two... LOL... These are my favorites I posted my pics a while ago on the French side but I forgot about this thread, so here they are: (These Nov. 22 pics aren't the greatest as I was in the whites)
  8. Merci pour l'information... et je gagne pour astheure
  9. C'est quoi le point de ce thread? (Et en passant, comment dit-on "thread" en français?)
  10. Hi EJ, I'm from Saint John too, now living in Moncton... I've been a Habs fan since 1993 (I was 12), and this year I'm finally going to Montreal to see a couple of games for the first time!!! Anyway, I've been lurking here for the past several months and will probably continue to lurk much more than I post, but I just wanted to say hi... And - despite the lovely picture of Kovy in my avatar (and the fact that I bought La Semaine this week), I'm absolutely not a puck bunny (can't stand them, actually) - just wanted to make that clear! Je parle aussi français mais je ne vois pas de place pour m'introduire sur le côté français... PS I tried to post this about 15 minutes ago and it didn't seem to work so I'm trying it again, just in case it double posts.
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