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  1. Jets need help on PP desperately right now. MAybe MB should send a call...
  2. Welcome back Michael. Good move in short term from both on ice and business perspective. Always liked Ryder too. He should have fun playing with Pleky or any of other centres. Not that sorry to see Cole leave. I didn't like his attitude throughout and after the lockout and unlike some of the fans I don't feel excusing his chronic pattern of being a slow starter to every season is valid. This is especially a concern in this shortened season when we need everyone delivering NOW. It is also hypocritical I think to give Cole a free pass while critcising other players for slow starts or periodic slumps when the guy never got going at all this year.
  3. My concern about DD is that his success is linked to that of his wingers moreso than other top 6 centres. He is a hard worker and surprisingly effective along the boards against bigger players. He also draws penalties with his speed and tenacity. The problem is when his wingers are on vacation his production is going to stall since he isn't big enough to create or force a play the way his full size contemporaries can. This has ben very evident until the last 2 games. Long term I am not convinced he is the right choice. PAtches is here for a long time but Cole is only around for 2 more years and we aren't winning the Cup in 2 years. I think if DD hits another slump then Eller deserves a shot at centering this line. Unless that move is tried we don't know if it can be better than what happened last year.
  4. Was sweet. Prust let up on Ott toward the end.
  5. Was great that he got our goal, especially given the urgency at the time. Unlike Gomez, Gio had a good reason why he hadn't scored in a calendar year.
  6. I guess Cole did hang them up. He sure played like he had just come out of retirement.
  7. I was very impressed with his performance. Skated hard. Won his fight. He handled poor passes along the sidewalls well and used the body very effectively to protect the puck to subsequently attempt a pass. Didn't expect that out of a grinder like him. If he had a little more offensive instinct he could probably increase his point production 15 over an entire season. Can't wait to see how he changes the game dynamics against Boston and Philly.
  8. Our version of Scott Stevens. Loved the hits he dished out on Girlybovski and Kadri
  9. Agreed, we should be fair to him and judge him for what he is now, not what he used to be in TO. He can move the puck well up ice and in the offensive zone. I wish he would shoot a little bit more on the PP. With his vision he can place shots to create rebounds or into screens. These type of shots don't have to be hard to be effective. This would throw off the PK wingers who otherwise know to target Markov's shots on the PP. He better start holding the line better at their blueline though. Only some of the pucks that came out were from a bad pass, like the on from Patches
  10. Marchand must have perfected diving and rolling on the ice with all of this time off to practise.
  11. That is so delusional it is hilarious. They should keep him for at least a month. Schneider might somehow flop or more likely, get injured.
  12. Give the Leafs 3 weeks to flounder and have lousy goaltending, then he will pull the trigger.
  13. Wait, he is going to prove Brian Burke really DID want him in the first round, not that Brayden Schenn loser
  14. There will be no negativity in this fan blog
  15. Prust's career numbers show he will be a 3rd to 4th liner but with decent +/- considering that role. He will fight and give physical presence along with Moen. White and Cube as little guys will fight. Now we have 4 guys willing to get their nose punched in order to stick up for a teammate. Laroque was an epic fail because he could only fight and he refused to do so. He wouldn't even hit or lean on guys to intimidate them and they knew he wouldn't fight them since they were below his weight class. Prust looks like he can at least play an acceptable game considering his limited skill set.
  16. Whatever. Was a loudmouth in the first place.
  17. I'm not worried. Carey is such a competitor he'll do fine and be stealing games for us in no time. We'll know for sure he's fine if he tells us all to "chill out"
  18. Just rewatched (for 50th time) Youtube clips of Cube laying waste to Tucker. Of course you then HAVE to watch Kovy destroying Tucker with the flying elbow
  19. Not really. He's playing at home for alot more money than in Hamilton and the game is completely different. A 4th liner in the NHL can look alot better in the KHL.
  20. Wow. Quite the bold prediction. He will be a pleasant surprise if he delivers on his promise to work hard. I will be pleased if he scores on a 20-25 goal a season pace and finishes no worse than +8.
  21. No, it isn't. That's the neighbourhood of the multimillionaires and Cole fits in that category. The Darches of pro sports have to budget like everyone else but it is alot easier when you take home 250K after tax rather than 30K. When Cole takes home 2 million after tax that is a hell of alot of cheddar. Even if his annual property taxes are 100K he still has a pretty comfortable bed of money to sleep upon and a ton to put into investments for his kid, wife and himself. That will pad his finances after he retires from playing hockey. After that he will likely get a job within the Hurricanes organization (assuming it survives) or in TV or be a successful businessman. So the argument that the players and some fans put up that their "short window of earning potential" justifies their massive salaries really holds no valid basis to it and gains no sympathy from this corner.
  22. I know you are just making your point but are you trying to claim that $250,000 after taxes is a trivial amount of money that is hard to live upon? I am a full time physician and my after tax annual income is way below $250,000. BTW I'm not crying about being "too poor" either. I am grateful for the life I have in Canada and what God has provided to me.
  23. first quote :[ second quote :] True alot of guys who have some kind of NHL career will never strike a huge contract. If you consider someone who plays the speculated average career of 240 games, that is 3 seasons. Minimum salary I believe is $750,000, not $500,000. This means an average guy who never gets a raise still earns 2.25 million for 3 yrs work. After he leaves the NHL he might play in some other pro league, possibly KHL like Tim Stapleton (of Jets last year). European guys can go home and play there and earn a good salary. Even if you exit pro hockey, most have a degree. They all get regular jobs after retirement AND their noteriety as an ex-NHL player will open doors for them and/or create business opportunities that average guys cannot get. What it comes down to is that 2.25 million is like you and me winning Lotto 649. With sensible investments that money will set up most people for the ensuing 10-20 yrs of not more depending on their wisdom in spending and the market. If they exercise proper investment strategies they will not lost the whole principal amount. This gives even the average NHL'er way a massive head start financially over most average people, including your Honda assembly line worker (and what if he gets hurt and disabled?) To me, Cole's comments at the time of Hamrlik's quote and his even more recent comments say to me that he is selfish and thinks that he is the only one who has to consider real life issues. I may be wrong but I think that there might be a few other players who have young families and kids starting school this year. How about the journeyman who has been traded 6 times in his career. Did you hear any of them whining this week about his family being in "transition" and needing to consider retirement because he didn't like the new CBA? Cole has never been traded in his NHL career. If he is so selfish to think this way then I don't care if he fails to complete his comittment to the club and us fans.
  24. Right on. Very wise Jedi. Hamrlik does speak from a perspective that almost on Canadian can truly share (certainly none if us can). Add on the fact he was going through his 3rd lockout and I think he was totally justified to speak his mind and had alot of guts to say what he did at that particularly volatile time.
  25. Yep. Consistent with what a classy and gracious young man he is. I feel he exhibits attributes similar to Saku.
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