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  1. Probably nothing like most other young players that started there career playing here for the last 15 years.
  2. This is the book you want to read. Lions in Winter http://www.amazon.com/Lions-Winter-Chrys-G...s/dp/013537457X
  3. Did Metro get benched or injured in the third?
  4. Holy Metropolit.......Second best hands on the team after Cams..... His hands alone are worth a million.
  5. Sounds like he should be ready to go tomorrow... Never thought I'd be so excited to see this guy back out there.
  6. For the money I don't mind to much, but i think defense should have been a priority over offense.
  7. And Andrei went up and down 8 times or so, I think/hope Sergei can handle it a couple of times.
  8. I know its like he is scared to go strait to the net so he has to sneak up from behind.
  9. I wish Martin had gave him a shift with Plecks and Gio after the fight, he really deserved it.
  10. What i didn't like about his game last night was that he was trying to play Plecks and Giontas game not his own. He doesn't realize he is there to stick up for them and make space for them. And when they were getting pushed around after the whistle he just skated away. When Gui got pushed around after a whistle both Gionta and Placks came right in to help him, then when there both are in choke holds from trying to protect him he just skates away again leaving them there.
  11. laps is the only real answer its crazy his not on the list
  12. Username: Look left Age: 24 Live/Born: Montreal Fav Player: Price and Komi when he starts to play like last season All time player(s): The Rocket, Roy Greatest moment as a fan: Being at our last cup win
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