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  1. This guy is 35 years old and has played for 6 NHL teams. He's not a star but he's got a great work ethic. Comes to play every night and enjoys doing so. Maybe he was a late bloomer or just enjoys playing in Montreal but I wonder what kind of player he could have been if he started his career as a young player in the Hab's organization.

    Probably nothing like most other young players that started there career playing here for the last 15 years.

  2. What i didn't like about his game last night was that he was trying to play Plecks and Giontas game not his own. He doesn't realize he is there to stick up for them and make space for them. And when they were getting pushed around after the whistle he just skated away. When Gui got pushed around after a whistle both Gionta and Placks came right in to help him, then when there both are in choke holds from trying to protect him he just skates away again leaving them there.

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