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  1. Fix up the font, and move him up a little, still improving. Also, put another layer, on gaussian blur, set it to 2.0, and then desaturate it and put it on screen. There are many ways of messing around with layers and stuff. Put the screened layer between the overlayed one, and the other one, and see how it looks.
  2. I'd like to see it. Manips are fairly easy, why sun1's last sig was a manip, I'm guessing
  3. Here you go... http://realballers.com/forum/index.php?sho...11&hl=Tutorials Not the best tutorial in there, but there are examples of the cartoonish effect in it.
  4. I've seen a tutorial, I could try and find it for ya.
  5. It depends, really. It takes a long time to do though. I haven't tried it out though, it's too advanced. I could get some examples, if you'd like?
  6. Well, Alex, you could always try vectoring, but it's really hard. 1st post
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