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  1. This is the same story as last year with some new old characters (prust Armstrong boullion Therrien) with the unsigning of Subban the circus is back in town.
  2. does anyone know what the habs offered subban on a new contract rumor has it was ridiculously low and that he was not very happy about it
  3. there is no doubt that if players with the same skill the player with size will be better i beleive the reason LA won the cup last year was because of their size the way i see it a bigger player can cover more ice just by the extra reach he has and as a defenseman it is easier to move a 5'11" forward than a 6"2" forward in front of the net.if crosby was the size of malkin i dont think he would of missed as many games due to injuries.
  4. rumor has it subban was offered a ridiculous low contract by MB hopefully he wont be slighted by the offer and leave.
  5. dont you mean plekanec leads the team in the - category?plekanec needs a bigger ice surface to be an effective goal scorer or play with malkin and ovechkin.
  6. there is a rumor that flyers are going after PK
  7. gomez kaberle bourque deharnais gionta markov and now armstrong are not tradeable for anything that would help us any more than what these players can provide you would probably get only second or third round draft choices and a few of these players you couldnt give away no team would be interested (rich contracts)so if they dont produce you send them down.
  8. armstrong might of been playing hurt but i will tell you hes all mouth you wont see him in too many scraps.
  9. yea but were they trying to get those guys anyways they are going to talk to shane doan (coyotes)he is 36 years old and was making 4.5 mill last year on a small market team he will want at least 6mill year from the habs and probably for 3-4 years i think that would be a mistake unless they can sighn him for 1year at a time at say no more than 5 mill.
  10. it looks like MB is going for a rebuild he is going to wait for the previous draft picks that previous management made to mature.we could be in for some tough games to watch for the next few years which is OK as long as team is improving year after year. MB hasnt added anyone to the team i guess hes to buisy hiring new management people,( PK is still not sighned.) absolutely right on.
  11. dont take this personal but if phil kessel scored 37 g and 45 a for the lafs and armstrong looked average on his best nights why would you pick him up.it looks like MB is scared to make a move in case its a wrong one.i would hate to go into next season with the same team.
  12. i watched a lot of the leafs games last year and he just didnt look very good (lost a step)
  13. what i don't understand is why the owners of the winipeg jets didn't keep dudley as the gm when they moved from atlanta to winipeg.(he has picked some good talent but he has also picked some bad ones too)
  14. i agree it doesnt look like there are any changes and no other teams are interested in the likes of gomez kaberle desharnais markov gio pleks bourque or even cole for trades so no changes = same results.
  15. he played 29 games last season and 50 the season before the leafs who are looking for size improvement would of sighned him for 1mill a year if he was any good (proned to injury)has lost a step.
  16. if the habs stay with the same cast nothing will change 80 points 2012-2013.
  17. until they get rid of these players pleks, desharnais, gomez,kaberle, gionta, bourqe,maybe markov, (depending on injury status) and god only knows why they sighned armstrong this team is not going to make the playoffs. i hope i'm dead wrong but thats how i see it.
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