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  1. I'm hoping that Pouliot will start to develop some chemistry with Eller. He seems to have the most talent (apart from Eller) of all of the players that one could consider for the second line, but when he was a part of that line it seemed to me that he wasn't developing there. He was afraid to hold onto the puck or try anything individually. He simply passed off to Gomez or Gionta too often, and then got lost. Now that he is on a lower line, he seems more willing to take things on his own shoulders and is slowly starting to learn what will work for him in this league. Eventually, he might be the answer to the missing top six forward issue, but I think he is better off on a lower line at this point in his development. I think possibly that this is Martin's plan for Benny, and that is (partly)why he still uses him in power play situations. I know that some people are now starting to say that Pouliot won't be a scorer in this league, but I'm still holding out hope. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I hope that he and Eller get the chance to work things out together, because I do think that he needs to play with talent.
  2. The last few games the effort has been there I believe. Maybe he has bought into the idea that he has to learn how to play in this league in order to have success in it. Sure hope so anyway.
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