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  1. As happy as I am he was picked by Montreal... I sure wish he was going to be there tonight for the home opener and raising of the two banners!
  2. Our top two defenseman were both in the top 10 in giveaways last year in the NHL. Markov 2nd and Subban 10th. I know they both play a lot of minutes and Subban likes to carry the puck but come on.
  3. Gionta Galchenyuk Briere Gallagher Pacioretty
  4. Actually he is the only person I remember because I still have him as an MSN contact lol
  5. I have not been on here in a long long time, I had a profile on here macpherson8 at least 8 years ago I dont even remember when it was but I lost my password somehow eventually and couldnt log on so I stopped coming on here everyday. Randomly decided to try and sign in with my old account today by guessing passwords I use with my email and it logged me on as this. I guess I must have made it when I lost my password and then forgot about it. Anyways, I am Alex, from Halifax, favourite habs ever would be Shayne Corson and Martin Rucinsky.. not sure why I just loved them when I was little. Favourite current habs would have to be PK and Gallagher. Became a Montreal fan basically when I was born (I am 23) my dad grew up in Montreal and his dad is a leafs fan so I chose my dads team when I was younger and never looked back. Played competitive hockey from 5-19, now I just play pick up with friends here and there.
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