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  1. Alexander Semin, RW - Signed with European team Vityaz Moscow-KHL Was very surprised to see he was still playing and putting up okay numbers in the KHL.
  2. Have all you guys been at Walmart buying toilet paper. Hang on need an emoji
  3. Molson cannot be happy missing the playoffs year after year. Until I hear him give his support for MB for one more season. I am going to think that they are both gone at seasons end.
  4. Julien needs to go and it needs to be now. Let a new guy come in and see where the team is at now. Maybe a guy who will try Domi at the number 1 center position. Let Daneault center a shut down line.
  5. No doubt that MB should be fired and take Claude with him. The only thing keeping him in power is he has made a few good (safe) trades. It is the trades he does not make that are the problem. When you have to have a top center or an LD then you have to find a way to make those trades. The young talent that he refuses to trade that never works out just shows even more that he is not deserving of the job. The Radulov and Markov debacle was the time he really showed his true colors. He put his stubbornness ahead of the team and refused to back track to get deals done. He even has all you convinced that Romanlov and Caulfield are going to step in and change the team next season. That is a pipe dream. If we want any chance of ever getting back to the post season, he needs to go. Resign Petry and Tatar. Make a decision on Drouin and Domi. That is what needs doing and he is not the guy.
  6. Do not live close to Montreal, but will go to a game every time I visit there. Just went to the Dallas game and well left very disappointed. Still a great experience to see them live. Will also be a Montreal fan for the rest of my days. Those thoughts will never enter my mind.
  7. How this guy has managed to keep his job just confuses me. Should of let him go about 20 games back. I realize that MB is the bigger problem, but come on. Was at the Dallas game on Saturday the team has burst of energy but other wise is just going through the motions. Domi was terrible most of the game. Time for a new approach and I do not see a reason to wait until the end of the season. Unless you are getting rid of both of them and want the new GM to hire his own coach.
  8. LOL humour. Do not see that on here very much. PK Subban if you insist.
  9. PK will get the short handed goal.
  10. Believe every one would agree that we are 95% likely to miss the playoffs. How ever we do have 12 games left before the trade deadline. No harm in playing those out and seeing where we sit after that. The offers for Petry might be too good to pass up at that point. Lot of teams looking for a top d-man. Even Tatar will be wanted but I hope we resign him. Kovalchuk may be very helpful in getting the young guys to the next level. He may even have a great effect on Drouin. Hope we keep him as well.
  11. Can see us winning the next four games. We should be tanking and going for the highest draft pick we can. But that is not going to happen. Gallagher is back, most likely Drouin next game. We should be able to get on a roll.
  12. Trading Drouin as I have stated for couple of years would be a huge mistake. Natural talent is very hard to find and he is one of the few we have blessed with it. Helping Colorado win another cup is not a good idea. We were just starting to see what he is capable of, would like to see more.
  13. The only guys that I see moving at the deadline are Petry and Kovalchuk. That would only happen if the deal was too good to pass on. Could see those two going to the Oilers and putting them really in contention. No reason we cannot resign Kovalchuk in the summer. Unless Tatar wants to leave I see him staying here and resigning. Price and Weber are more draft day or summer moves. When you really know what you are getting.
  14. Got this in a pawn shop for $300. never checked but it must be worth more then that.