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  1. I read some where that 3 players were called out as resting on the cups they already won and drawing the big salary. That was Letang, Kessel and Malkin. Seems to me some changes are not only coming but over due. Primeau may be too good to be a backup. Will see, how he does.
  2. This crazy playoff that is going on right now, is going to create some great opportunities for Montreal. (1) Malkin might just finally be moved. If he does would we want him? I think no, but pretty sure he will get moved. (2) Kadri in Toronto will most likely be moved. Hitting a Bruin in the head with a stick, ahh how bad is that anyway. Him I would take in a second. (3) Cayden Primeau, if he playys well for the U.S. in the worlds, his value could be very high. Lot of teams with suspect goal tending. Calgary being number 1. But a long line of teams. With Price signed for 7 more years we do not need to keep him. The return may be higher then usual . This off season will be super important for MB, hope his way too many critics have not scared him from making some deals.That seems to be what happened at the deadline. Which kept us out of a playoff, where anything is possible.
  3. If we really want to trade Drouin, bad choice in my opinion. Colorado is the natural choice. Sure McKinnon would love to see Drouin there. Especially if they get knocked out of the playoffs early Might as well give Colorado another shot at the cup, not like we did not do that already. Pick 4 is in our clutches. The playoffs not so much.
  4. To win the cup we need to make the playoffs. As I watch tonight's games it is very upsetting that we are not in them. We need to over spend on a free agent or two in the summer. Even thou I stick up for Drouin on every occasion if we need to trade him to improve I would be okay with that. Next season we have to be in the race. Next season we have to be part of the chase. But lets start sticking up for the players we have and not the ones we do not. Tough enough to play in Montreal without the fans being on your case. Love your team and ALL the players on it.
  5. Actually three other dmen played more then Subban in Nashville on average. As did Weber. Josi is by far a better dman then both these guys. Very under rated and now Ellis is a close second. Wish we had that kind of support for Weber. Would be getting ready to watch playoffs if we did.
  6. Does look like Poehling will play and JK back to center on the third line. Even that surprises me from Claude Fooligan. He might give us a glimpse of what could of been if he made some real changes.
  7. Never been the person who cries over spilled milk. More of a solutions for the problem person. We have Drouin and now he has to be used correctly. This is a coaching issue. The last couple of games with Weal and Armia, he has looked not to bad. But that is still not where he belongs. If he does get moved in the off season, sure he will thrive with a good coach.
  8. Lets just hope that Price has the two best games ever. If he does we will be okay. I am a little worried.
  9. So no doom and gloom here, but with the present coach who thinks the best PP is Weal, KK and Armia. The only thing I have to say is.
  10. Lets take Pastranak in Boston, when Julien was there they were trying to trade this guy. Soon as Julien left he became a superstar. That would be a perfect example.
  11. Do not know any thing about Rejean Tremblay. But it looks like he had a pretty lucrative career. By biggest worry is that Julien will be the one coaching all this promising new talent that is headed to this team. Because I agree he does not know how to coach real talent.
  12. From Rejean Tremblay in The Journal, a google translation.
  13. CONSCIOUS OR UNCONSCIOUS? Jonathan Drouin must really be reluctant to Claude Julien for the coach of a National League team to deprive himself of his most talented player, a player who knew the best season of his career when the Canadian knew his best months for several years. Must Drouin graf Julien in the depths of him. It may be because of his good looks, maybe because of his looks, maybe because like some very talented players before him, he can not turn into a plumber, but there is reasons. There is something else in hockey than being able to play "with no puck". Sometimes you have to take the risk of playing with the damn puck. It's visceral. Never Claude Julien names the author of a blunder. Except when it was Jonathan Drouin. How do you want a young man who is going to be 24 years old tomorrow to be able to be confident, to play with brilliance, to be inventive in the game? Whether conscious or unconscious, whatever the reasons, Claude Julien does everything to demolish the player. The individual. The man. WRONG PATTERNS You read me. You do not earn 5 or 6 million a year. But you are a person. Man or woman. Or a bit of both. You work in an office, in a factory, in a shop, in a department store or in a production box. You know very well what it's like to work for a good boss. A leader, someone who inspires you and drives you to excel. But you've known a loved one who's been demolished by a sucker of energy, a petty being who has driven a friend or colleague to burnout or depression. Worse, it may have happened to you. To no longer know what to do to satisfy a piss-vinegar. To lose your bearings. Your enthusiasm. Remember how you would have prayed on your knees for an encouragement or a pat on the back. And that you only receive silence and reproaches. I'm not saying that Claude Julien is that kind of boss. I'm not saying that Jonathan Drouin has the vulnerability of an ordinary worker. But I say that Claude Julien does not know how to make the most of his most talented player.
  14. You could see it last game, he feels like he is under a microscope. Then he had that mishap in his own end where he tried to pull the puck and lost it. He was done after that. Julien will not help with this, he is the worst at getting the most out of talented players. Up to Drouin to have a great first shift and go from that. Its a mental thing which I believe he will fix tonight if given half a chance.
  15. Connor Lacouvee seems to be playing some darn good hockey in Laval. Not sure how he ended up there. But is definitely taking over the #1 goalie job.