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  1. Great start for Drouin, on track for a 168 point shortened season. If not for the ref getting in the way, he would of had a A+ start to the season. Sure we have more to come from that line.
  2. Great to see Mete stick with the team. Believe he will make it difficult to keep him from the lineup. Really expect him to have a break out year. Along with Drouin, Anderson and Suzuki. Could see Kotkaniemi and Toffoli getting off to a slow start. Hope I am wrong on that one.
  3. I also really like this signing. If we are playing the same team for two or three games at a time. Things are going to get ugly like they do in the playoffs. We will need some guys that can handle the tough stuff. Send Weal any where Laval or another team. No one will miss him.
  4. The next time Max dons a Hab sweater. It will be with the Alumni. That ship has sailed.
  5. He has a clause allowing a list of three teams he cannot be traded to.