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  1. Should of made that offer to Ivan Provorov, instead of Aho. MB just likes seeing his name in the news.
  2. Could see him signing a deal with the Devils and helping them get into the playoffs. Mentoring the young defense they have. Helping PK run the PP. Especially if he is being ignored as I have read my MB.
  3. It is obviously New York as they are buying out Shattenkirk. Teams in the east getting stronger as MB sits on his hands.
  4. Hard to believe we could not get rid of Alzner in the same fashion. This has not been a great summer for MB.
  5. Filling the LD spot should of been done already and should of been MB,s main job this summer. Instead he was content to make headlines with his offer sheet, which was never going to happen. He seems only interested in keeping his high profile job and scrapping by. Calgary still needs to clear cap space and T.J. Brodie has to be available at a pretty low price. Not being able to play LD because he prefers right makes no sense to me. If MB makes the move to get a guy like Brodie, the scoring from the wingers will take care of itself.
  6. Joe Thornton or Eric Daze against Ken Dryden. I am definitely a goner.
  7. Should be one heck of a battle at training camp. Even to see who gets the two spots in Laval. They signed Lacouvee for the upcoming season as he was the best goalie there last season. So who gets the other spot Primeau, Lindgren, or McNiven. What if one of them has a better camp then Kincaid. Looking forward to see how this plays out.
  8. Would disagree on why the PP was so bad. At the beginning of last season they had Drouin last up the ice with the puck and the setups went pretty good. A few games went slow and Claude changed it to Domi. Then it all went to hell. Getting rid of Claude would fix every thing. But that is not going to happen. So we NEED Drouin on the PP and he is the key. No dispute about his talent so give him the green light to do what ever he wants. SH goals are a fact of life and not the end of the world. JK was terrible on the PP and should not be on the PP1 unit. Weber on unit one and Petry on unit 2 and the rest would be forwards. We will miss Shaw on this but maybe Weal can handle it. Coaches need to be aware who is having a great game and use them on these units. Not to mention on the shoot out.
  9. Hang on. Now I really like Domi and was the only one on this site that saw what a great pick up he was in the beginning. But Laine for Domi, ahmmmm might have to consider that one. A real natural goal scorer is hard to come by.
  10. Happy this got done. Do believe he can play in the NHL. He has a lot to prove this year.
  11. You are most likely correct. He is only looking for 2 million. If they do not sign another LD, just wondering if he could help the PP and be a third pairing.
  12. Just be happy most of them do not come true. Otherwise we would be up against the cap and over paying either Lee or Dzingel.
  13. The Jets are not going to let Laine go any where. They lost Selanne years back, it will not happen again. MB should be done with the foolish, offers. Winnipeg has been a good trade partner in the past lets not ruin that. The LD position is a real worry for me and he should look after that. Unless Chiarot, is better then expected. Is a chance he never got to play the big minutes in Winnipeg because of the guys they thought were better then him. But probably not.
  14. Almost seems like a desperation signing. Would agree we have enough of these d-men already. Hopefully MB has a bigger trick up his sleeve. So far I am very disappointed, other teams got a lot better, and addressed the problems they had. Montreal is standing still.
  15. The biggest mistake of all the UFA signings will be the team that signs Lee. He is and always has been very over rated.