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  1. This is a definite upgrade from Peca and Chaput. He can kill penalties and is 53% on face offs. Cannot see anyone taking Chaput if he is sent down. Peca we might lose but he has not exactly earned a place on this team.
  2. Just picked up Nate Thompson from the Kings.4th line looking a lot better.
  3. Not really familiar with Folin. But it seems the trade was about him. As Alzner gets sent back down and Folin will report to the Habs. Weise goes straight to Laval. Weise should thank David Desharnais for making him a 14 goal scorer,which turned him into a millionaire. He has never played well since.
  4. The next four games are going to be very tough games. If we some how come out of those with a winning record, them MB will most likely make a couple of moves. But no way is Sergachev coming back to this team.
  5. Sergachev coming back to Montreal is a "pipe dream". We best not be doing Tampa any favors by taking Callahan. Let them work out that problem else where. Its Fowler, maybe Edler or no one.
  6. Only player that makes any sense would be Fowler. Should not take much to get him, no one else is going to want that contract. Seem like he would be a nice fit here. Maybe Weber could make him even a better player then he is on the Ducks.
  7. Trading Drouin would be a colossal mistake and a huge step in the wrong direction. He is only 23 and will get better and better. He is the only guy we have with that natural talent that can win hockey games.
  8. Boyle would be a nice addition to the fourth line. The rest would be a big no. Really think Edler would look really good beside Weber. No doubt Schenn would help in many ways. The bigger question is what would we be willing to give up to get these guys and is it worth it.
  9. Comment on Fanside really got me to thinking. Zack Cook: It’s too late in the seasons to consider the Habs a fraud. I don’t want to say the Montreal Canadiens will finish top three in the Atlantic because I believe the Bruins, Leafs and Lightning are all better teams. On the other hand, I’m trying to imagine a Canadiens team with a powerplay around 18% efficiency, instead of 13%. Combine that with substantially good play at 5-on-5 and good goaltending, and have yourselves a contending team.
  10. Always knew that Domi was going to be a great fit with team. He was lost in the desert and needed to come into the spot light. No surprise for me he is doing so well. With so many to choose from I went with Tatar. Had a lot of Detroit fans tell me that they were upset to lose him. But had no idea he had such a strong work ethic. He definitely makes the team better. Armia would be second. Just read a report that MB was thinking of trading him to Washington. To me that would be a huge mistake. He is so strong on the puck and is getting better and better. Could see him as a Selke winner down the road.
  11. Still think MB should try and make some moves at or before the deadline. Could see a package of Lehkonen (never going to be what we first thought) and Lindgren for a LD that can play with Weber. Mete will be that guy down the road. Believe Lehkonen would be viewed as a top nine on most teams. Also a fourth line center, Chaput doesn't do it for me. Even though Claude seems to like him. Sure we could get someone for a late round pick. Scares me every time he is on the ice. If another D is available for real cheap then that would be good as well. Keep our first round pick, but the rest would be good to use. Would not trade any of the young talent mentioned.
  12. Never said it had to be Spezza. Just an experienced center who does not panic with 2 minutes left and shoot the puck over the glass. Yeah I know it could happen to anyone. Not to mention what he could teach Kotkaniemi.
  13. Just the kind of guy who always plays to win not to lose. Not sure I would even know how to do that. Domi and Tatar have changed the team so much I think anything is possible. Not like Montreal hasn't won cups before with a hot goalie and a lesser team. If we do not think we can win Price is the guy to get rid of, As long as he is here and playing the way he is, we are going to make the playoffs. Might as well enjoy it.
  14. If the chance comes up to get a real center who can win face offs we should go for that. Does not have to be a super star, even though Jason Spezza would be okay. He always played great against us and I believe has a 55% face off percentage. But anyone would do.
  15. Surprised no one picked up this guy, he is only 34, he was definitely a favorite of mine when he played here. Bringing him here was part of one of the best trades ever made by a Hab G.M.