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  1. More I think about this, the more I believe they should match. Always thought that JK was going to turn into a star player. Cannot let this decision he made sour me on that believe. Let’s face it if someone offered you 5 million over two years and then someone else came and offered 12 million, what would you do. Let’s not blame him for the poor decisions MB has made leading up to this. Because it is his wait and see attitude that caused this. Not to mention a very lame offer for Aho.
  2. Okay so match and make his year one where he either earns that money or sits. The rubs on the head will be few and far between from the vets this year. Then trade him to Arizona. MB really screwed up here. His wait and see approach again screws things up. But we can afford it from the looks of the cap. So move on and deal with it.
  3. This is a tough one. Your gut tells you to let him go. But you know that is most likely the wrong decision. So what is the no trade rule if they match the deal?
  4. Have actually had people under my employ that had problems due to mental health. Actually pleased to say that they got the help and council that they needed . Remained and improved their work performance. Not sure how we could not afford Drouin the same treatment. Last time I checked it was 2021.
  5. Watch out for Florida this season. He adds some missing leadership. But this team is going to be very good.
  6. Wonder how much salary Nasville would retain for a deal with Matt Duchene . He is great on face offs and would more then replace what we lost. Heard earlier they were trying to move him.
  7. Victor Mete signed today, that is great news. Hope he has a really good season. Always liked this kid. $1.2 million for one season, pretty darn good.
  8. I believe that this team will make the playoffs this season. The new guys coming here all have a desire to play for the Habs, which will make them better player’s. Not sure about Hofmann on that one but maybe he will surprise me like Toffoli did. Savard will be much better then everyone assumes he will be. Still a good chance Eichel will come here in a trade. Much like the Bobby Smith deal when he was being unappreciated in Minnesota. We gave up some good players but became a much better team.
  9. This is a very good signing, he will be in the lineup on most nights. Watched him play many a game in Winnipeg he is a defensively very sound gritty forward.
  10. Playoffs must be over, as the doom and gloomers are back out in full force. Players are not falling out of the sky super ready to play for the Habs. This is pretty much what I expected from today. When Weber is ready to go around the new year we will be looking pretty good. This is only one day, lot can happen before the season starts. But I wouldn’t count on it.
  11. Watched the pick live last night, and when they went to MB he was all by himself. Which I found kind of strange. Then he made the pick and it all made sense. So seems everyone in the organization must of known what he was about to do.
  12. One of the very few who supported this guy coming to Montreal when it happened. He is without a doubt a true warrior of the game. Still not convinced he is finished. Heard a few people say that it would be very just if he is out for the entire season. We get Tampa in round one and he comes back to play in it.
  13. Looks like a few of us got it right. Knew we were not losing Price or Weber.
  14. Also a report that they already have a deal with Driedger on a three year deal.
  15. Read some where that Mrs Price said on Twitter that this will all make sense in a few days. So do not believe Price or Weber are going anywhere.
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