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  1. Been saying for a couple of months that Gostisbehere is the guy we should be targeting. With Provorov becoming the #1 LD in Philly and Hagg #2 he is expendable. This trade should not wait as MB is great at doing. If he is available then get it done. Krug is not going to happen, ever.
  2. Not at all, but you better be sure before you spend the extra 53 million. With Karlsson you would be really rolling the dice. Just seems like a lot more reasons to keep Weber then not.
  3. Another factor is over the 7 years Weber will actually only be paid 24 million. Compared to 77 million for Karlsson.
  4. This team has been built around Price, so for that reason Weber is going no where. Really cannot believe the Karlsson rumors. Been to Ottawa, cannot believe anyone misses it so much they would give up millions of dollars. Main need is a LD, starting to lean toward Brodie as the guy we might go after.
  5. That is hilarious or was that an accident.
  6. Doing nothing about a problem is never a good idea. Mainly because the problem does not go away. If we want to compete at a high level next year then we need an LD to compliment Weber. MB seems to have learned by his mistakes, which is really all we can ask. Mete is great but zero goals all season is not what we need. For me it is still a trade with the Flyers that makes the most sense. But anyone with an offensive upside will work. But it can only be a two year investment.
  7. I would if it was a two year contract. Would even over pay for those two years. The problem is he does not want to leave Vancouver. He refused a trade at the deadline. So would be pretty sure he will resign at the best deal he can get there.
  8. Columbus has no depth at LD so no way are they parting with Werenski. Where as the Flyers have Prorov, Hagg and Gostisbehere. All LD and apparently they are in the Subban sweepstakes. Vorachek going the other way is what I read. So moving Gostibehere may be more apt to happen. Put him beside Weber and that might make a great paring.
  9. I watched him play quite a bit this season and liked what I seen. I am looking at what he could bring to Montreal, the group that is here now. If we had a coach that was not Julien I have no doubt he would be a star here. But that being said would not overpay for him. Now that is just my thoughts on his play lately No doubt I could be wrong it happened once before. .
  10. The reason is exactly that, do not see any value in over paying for anyone but the two I mentioned. Duchene is an elite talent and would be a star on the Habs. If the cost isn't crazy would pursue that. If Ottawa had not become such a joke, sure he would of resigned. Brock Nelson to me would be a perfect fit for Montreal. He is really coming in to his own. 6'3" forward who can play center or wing. Would compliment our present group. Never liked Skinner, a huge defensive liability. As are most of the players on your list. Now a days most teams who have good players, lock them up and keep them happy. Tavares would be the exception. Teams have reasons for not locking up the players on this list before they become UFA's.
  11. I would take a look at Duchene and Brock Nelson up front and that would be all. On defense do not think over paying for Gardner or Edler would be worth it. Going to take a trade to get a competent LD with some offensive skill. Possibly bring Cam Ward in for the back up job. Have no faith in Lindgren at all.
  12. It does suck watching these playoffs and thinking what could of been. Some off season moves could easily make us contenders for next year. I admit that MB got lucky on the deals from last year. No way he could of known that Tatar would have such a great season. This will be very unpopular but I believe he should see what say Philly would give you for Tatar . Maybe a deal to include Gostisbehere. The other guy who had a good season which will never see again is Shaw. What would he bring. Time to move guys who had very good season but most likely will not repeat that. Keep our young talent, all of it.
  13. TSN just did a article on this. Called is this the end of the Crosby/Malkin Penguins. Pretty sure it did not come from my comment on here. Malkin had what can only be called a terrible season. I watched a lot of that first series and he looked slow and not at all in the game. Also I did point out that I do not want him in Montreal. Just was saying that all those teams that you are mentioning will be taking hard looks at what went wrong. If it was goal tending and Cayden Primeau has a good Wolrds with the U.S. his value might be pretty high. We could package him and get an actual Number 1 center or LD. Its a very important off season, was my main point.
  14. I read some where that 3 players were called out as resting on the cups they already won and drawing the big salary. That was Letang, Kessel and Malkin. Seems to me some changes are not only coming but over due. Primeau may be too good to be a backup. Will see, how he does.
  15. This crazy playoff that is going on right now, is going to create some great opportunities for Montreal. (1) Malkin might just finally be moved. If he does would we want him? I think no, but pretty sure he will get moved. (2) Kadri in Toronto will most likely be moved. Hitting a Bruin in the head with a stick, ahh how bad is that anyway. Him I would take in a second. (3) Cayden Primeau, if he playys well for the U.S. in the worlds, his value could be very high. Lot of teams with suspect goal tending. Calgary being number 1. But a long line of teams. With Price signed for 7 more years we do not need to keep him. The return may be higher then usual . This off season will be super important for MB, hope his way too many critics have not scared him from making some deals.That seems to be what happened at the deadline. Which kept us out of a playoff, where anything is possible.