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  1. hell be good in hamilton he played ok tonight
  2. i knew you could do it but im, worried about ashikhabib :P its depressing to lose but thats life you know i win
  3. really i know its depressing to lose but dont go emo or any thing else that wil damage u cuz I win :P :P
  4. dont know much bout the kid anyways welcom to the habbies
  5. awwwww it took couracge to man up and admit defeat well I WIN
  6. never i will not stop until i win o wait I WINNNNN!!!
  7. I win i am running out of clever things to say
  8. i wish i was a mod so i could lock the thread and be king well if roy 133 does it i want to be second o wait i win
  9. theres no need to apologize for losing cuz I WIN!!!
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