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  1. False & yes you killed it :lol: just kidding

    the poster below me will not be able to sleep tonight

    True, I have to change travel plans now that the psychic convention I was going to go to was canceled due to unforseen events.....

    The poster below me is not the poster above me......

  2. Had a good story down here in Florida this week...the Police pulled a guy over for speeding and notice a strong smell of marijuana when the guy rolled down his window, they got him out of the car and he admitted to a very small amount of the drug being in the car on the passenger seat. They found it and began to frisk him when they notice a bulge in the back of his pants, he had a large bag of weed hidden in his underwear. The police took the bag and began to frisk him again when the felt another bag in the back of his pants, this bag contained a few ounces of crack cocaine, the suspect then told police that the marijuana was his but he had no idea who owned the cocaine that was in his underwear!!! :lol:

  3. true but most of my ideas revolve around food for some reason lol

    the poster below me loves Christmas

    Very True....I'm one of those people who do a ton of lights outside..it's much easier to do that here in Florida

    The poster below me is leading the John Wensink for Hall of Fame movement...... :lol:

  4. false

    it is currently chilly where the poster below me lives

    False....I wish it was...it's over 90 again today

    The poster below joins me in sending best wishes to all of our friends here on the forum who made have had to deal with hurricane / tropical storm Earl...hope you all are well and safe....

  5. False, love to sit out on the porch on rainy evenings.

    Wait, true, if I have a tee-off time.

    The poster below me has come close to a hole-in-one but like me, hasn't found the cup yet.

    True, I badly duffed a drive on a par three hole and then chipped in from 140 yards away(pure luck)

    The poster below me is a softball player......

  6. true

    the poster below me doesn't know what love is they just do what they're told.

    False, my wife says I'm in love and she says doing what I'm told is what love is.........

    The poster below me thinks that if you run the lawn mower backwards the grass gets longer.....

  7. True, I always have my ipod touch handy just in case I need to.

    The poster below me has been to NYC

    True...I hate to show my age but I have a ticket stub from a Yankees game I went to in 1963...(but I'm not a Yankees fan)

    The poster below me has a Gary Bettman poster on their wall......

  8. Colorado and Nebraska have made their moves. Isn't that going to create hugh expenses? Why would the Big Ten take in Nebraska since it is lagging academically? Football isn't quite the religion in the Big Ten as the Big 12 or the SEC.

    Word is Nebraska wanted out because they felt like a "step-child" in the Big12..Texas was the big dog and everyone else got in line...in the Big 10 everyone is treated as an equal as far as money goes..TV money is split evenly among all the teams so Nebraska will make money on this move because they will get more TV money in the Big 10 than they would in the Big 12.......I'm not sure but I think per school the Big 10 makes more than any other conference in TV money....you have to remember they have their own network as well as contracts with major networks and ESPN

    As far as the Big 10 is concerned, Nebraska brings a tradtion of football power with them and they are poised to be one of the best teams in the country once again, they are on the rise.....and besides this gives the Big 10 -12 teams now, so very soon there will be two divisions and a championship game...cha ching!!

    oh and by the way.....GO BLUE!!!!!

  9. You clearly have never lived in Big Ten country. The are two MLB teams, two NFL teams, one NHL team, and one MLS team in the state of Ohio (inaddition to numerous minor league teams from numerous sports). None of them comes close to Ohio State football. Any added travel expenses will be more than offset by increasing the reach of the Big Ten to new markets. Academics in the Big Ten are quite over rated. It wasn't too long ago that there were almost no entry requirements to OSU for residents of the state.

    Old joke but it's still funny....How do youy get an Ohio State grad off of your front porch?...Pay him for the pizza!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  10. So Colorado wants to join the Pac-10 and the Nebraska folks have said they would like to join the Big-Ten, I guess we find out today who else is going where and what happens to the Big 12......

    Wow..USC spanked by the NCAA..no bowl games for two years and loss of scholarships...they said on ESPN today that Miami took a similar punishment in the mid nineties and it took them almost tem years to get back to ten win seasons...no wonder Pete Carroll left.....

    OH and by the way......GO BLUE!!!!

  11. At least this did on this occasion. I needed a reminder officials are also cheats. Tim Doneghy for one, but the only revelation is he got exposed.

    This isn't cheating but it does remind me of a story, I was reading Ron Luciano's book (former MLB umpire) He was behind the plate af an Angels game in the early 80's Rod Carew at the plate (you baseball fans, I don't have to explain who he is) anyway Carew works the count to 3-2...he fouls off a few and then the pitcher sizzles one right down the middle and it freezes Carew...Luciano bellows "Ball Four" the catcher turns to him and says "How can you possibly call that a ball?" Luciano said that his reply was "If Carew didn't swing, it HAD to be a ball!"

    By the way for you baseball fans out there, if you can find it it is a good read...don't remember the title but it is by Ron Luciano......was out a while ago so it's going to be hard to find....

  12. How about the blown call that cost Armando Galaragga a perfect game. At least umpire Jim Joyce owned up to his mistake and was commended for it.

    So........your point is the biggest stars of the game are cheats but at least the officials have integrity?

  13. At least hockey is a lot more clean! The only thing close to that kind of scandal in the NHL would be Hamrlik and other Habs having ties with the mafia.

    there is no such thing as the Mafia....(eyes shifting from side to side)

  14. So now there are reports that Pete Rose used a corked bat the year he broke the hits record.........man o man.....Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Raphel Palmero, and now Pete Rose......how many feet can you shoot yourself in? How many black eyes can you get? The more I hear this stuff, the happier I am I gave up on this mess of a sport over 15 years ago........

  15. Great choices, how about the Stones, ZZ Top, Neil Young, Harry Connick SR & JR

    Never really got into the Stones....ZZ Top yup , my bad...Neil Young...uhhh I live in the South here in the US we aren't allowed down here to even mention Neil Young..and if you listen to him, Lynyrd Skynyrd shows up at your house and beats you up!

  16. Depressed me to read this thread.....man do I feel old......there are a TON of bands mentioned here that I never heard of......(oh look ..liver spots growing on my hand)

    So here are some of mine......oldies to alot of you...

    Beatles, Pink Floyd, Boston,The Moody Blues, Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and Count Basie....the last four....a few of you will remember...

  17. Turner Classic Movies ran a foursome of Marx Brothers movies the other night and I got them on the DVR.... :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Monkey Business.......9/10

    Horse Feathers 10/10

    Duck Soup........7/10

    A Night at the Opera.....8.5/10

    I hope this wasn't just for current movies...love the old comedies..W.C. Fields is great!!!

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