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  1. You should have your mouth washed out with soap for saying that............wait a minute you didn't actually SAY it.......GO WASH YOUR HANDS!!! BAD BOY!!! (polishing my trophy.....)
  2. OK here is how to end this......anyone who posts after this is a Maple Leafs fan....... ...........And I'll take the trophy for winning.........
  3. you may be winning, but I'm gaining on you............
  4. I guess I'm to blame for this..I was looking at the old pages in the lounge and found this...I brought it back to life after 19 months, and I'm not even a doctor..... However, I am winning...
  5. He's right, he wins...............heh heh heh heh heh heh........NOT!!!!
  6. the really embarrassing thing is...here is a thread that requires absolutely no thought at all, and it'still alive after 2 years and nine months and it's so simple it's fun.......by the way...back to me!!
  7. D'oh.......you replied so you answered last so now you won.....hey wait...I just replied to you....so I'm back to winning!!!
  8. It took me 18 months to get this win!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. " " " " " " great tune.........Beethoven......ahhh...the masters......
  10. Hi everyone, My name is Steve. I was born in Canandaigua, New York and now live in Port St. Lucie Florida.. Age..50 Habs fan...over 40 years Favorite Canadien of all time......all of them, they all helped to make this the team we all love. Favorite Canadiens moment....while in Toronto in 1977 to watch the Habs beat the Leafs, after the game we went to go look for a place to tip a few, as we rounded the corner of Carlton and Church Street, I told my buddy that they guy walking ahead of us looked like Yvon Lambert. We turned the corner and there were the Canadiens on the sidewalk waiting for their bus that was late to take them back to their hotel. We got to meet, shake hands and talk to Ken Dryden, Larry Robinson, Steve Shutt, Guy Lafleur, Serge Savard and the rest of the team. It was like a dream come true!!
  11. I can certainly see your point about the playoffs and a "hot pitcher" If I'm not mistaken the 1963 Dodgers were not supposed to be any match for the Yankees in the World Series but because of Koufax and Drysdale and the rest the Dodgers wound up sweeping the Series. You are right Cox has had many good teams for a long time so maybe that is why he is thought of so highly.
  12. I know from reading here that some of you are Braves fans, and I don't mean any disrespect. I am sure that you probably follow baseball more than I do, but I have to ask one question that has been nagging me for some time now. Why do so many people continue to call Bobby Cox a great manager? If I am not mistaken didn't the Blue Jays finally win the World Seies AFTER he left for Atlanta? I am also quite sure that for most of the nineties he had the best pitching staff in the majors and one of the best teams for the entire decade and only managed to win one World Series. It seems to me that this is a guy who had the best team year after year and could nothing with it! Trust me I'm no Yankees fan, but looking back at the teams the Braves had in the nineties, what do you think would have happened to Cox if Steinbrener owned the Braves? With the teams they had they should have won multiple World Series, instead one! SO what am I missing? Again, I admit I don't really follow baseball anymore...remember I live in Florida and after living through the Marlins winning and then dismanteling the team time after time, you just give up, which I did!
  13. As for point 3 I just don't understand how you can say baseball players are jerks, hockey players are nice ect. IN my original post I never said that ALL baseball players were jerks. All is one of those words you should avoid, like never when describing something. What I said was that I had been around several MLB players and that those players were jerks. Living in a spring training town you can come in contact now and then and also become aware of the problems these players cause because of the attitude that seen to have. (ex. trashing houses they rent for spring training) I admit I have met many many more NHL players granted mostly in the late 1970's but I had met, many players from the Canadiens, Bruins, Leafs, Blues, and Sabres, also AHL players from the Rochester Americans and other teams and the many mnay players I had met were nice guys. They would not only sign autographs but stop and talk with you as well.
  14. IMO baseball has three major problems that are causing it be behind football and falling farther and farther behind... 1) Steroids (of course) let's face it, now with AROD on board it is just about all of the biggest names in the past 15 years or so that have tested positive...the "integrity of the game" no longer exists. 2) MONEY!!! let's be honest here, MLB has shrunk to the following teams, Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Cubs,Mets and Dodgers..every other team is just another level of the minor leagues getting players ready to move on the "Majors"( one of the six teams mentioned before.) If you are not a fan of one of those six, too bad, you may get a good team here and there and make a playoff run every now and then, but once you do, the "Majors" are going to come for your free agents because you can't compete with them on the free agent market. The result of this, the Yankees haver their own network and ratings for any team other than the big six are falling fast..... 3) The Players, and maybe a I say this because I live in a Spring Training town, but the players have what can only be described as a distain for the fans. They can't be bothered to sign an autograph or even get invovled with the community. I have been in the presence of several players and they all have an attitude. I have also met ,amy NHL players and the difference is night and day. I can remeber a night in Toronto my buddies and I saw the Leafs and Bruins, after the game we met several of the Bruins players outside the Garden. They were standing on the side walk signing autographs and talking to fans. My buddy who is a Bruins fan was getting Wayne Cashmans autrograph and telling him how far we cam to see that game. Cashman took him into the bus to meet the rest of the team and get autographs, You would never find that in MLB!
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