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  1. Hi all, I'm much more of a lurker but I thought an introductory post couldn't be that harmful. I'm a twenty-year old student who lives in the city. I really only got into watching hockey last season, so my friends still have to put up with my stupid (often painfully so) questions because I only know what's going on half the time! I blame my father though, he prefers golf to hockey! Despite my ignorance, some of my best memories were captured by a MacBook camera as my friends and I ate tostitos and played drinking games while watching the game. Pillow fights are always certain to follow a goal by our guys. I don't have a favourite player, per se, but I do have a soft spot for Koivu, probably because the only game we ever really watched at home was the first five minutes of Saku's glorious-standing-ovation-return-to-the-game, game. Nice to meet you all, I'm going to put my lurker hat on again, though!
  2. Baking! Whoo!

    Also, I can now make awesome maple-pecan pie.

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