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  1. This deal that you propose is incredibly one sided in favour of the Habs. We can't just trade away our spare parts for an upper tier player. Any trade for Kane is going to include for starters Pleks + a prospect + a 2nd round pick think of it this way...what would you ask in return for Patches?
  2. These are very highly trained athletes, I don't know if I buy the whole he will be tired after X number of games I would only put Auld in for the sake of him seeing some action so he doesn't get too cold, but if Price does play well against Philly I think he should play the remainder of the week. We want as many points as we can get early in the year, because they will be harder to come by after Christmas, and Price provides us with the better chance to win games.
  3. This guy is by far the most pleasant suprise of the whole Habs roster
  4. We have to face it, he is just an average player and a career AHLer in my opinion. There are so many better option than Chips even in Hamilton right now.
  5. I for one want to see how this will pan out. Hopefully he can spark the PP.
  6. Oh wow, if this is true he better work hard to get back on his good side
  7. Wow this really upsets me. Does the media even want the Canadiens to win, because they're doing everything they can to make it a repeat of last year
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