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  1. Colorado vs Florida: Panthers Dallas vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh NY Rangers vs Washington: Washington Columbus vs Chicago: Hawks Detroit vs Edmonton: Wings Carolina vs Anaheim: Carolina
  2. Tampa Bay vs Boston: Boston Minnesota vs Montreal: Montreal NY Rangers vs New Jersey: Jersey NY Islanders vs Winnipeg: Isles Detroit vs Calgary: Calgary Ottawa vs Las Vegas: Las Vegas Buffalo vs Los Angeles: LA
  3. Florida vs Buffalo: Florida Anaheim vs Columbus: Columbus NY Islanders vs Carolina: Isles
  4. Tampa bay vs Toronto: Tampa Detroit vs Montreal: Montreal Edmonton vs New Jersey: Jersey Anaheim vs Pittsburgh: Pens St Louis vs Ottawa: St Louis Washington vs Nashville: Nashville Boston vs Colorado: Colorado
  5. Finally on the board! Carolina vs Florida: Florida Edmonton vs NY Islanders: Isles Winnipeg vs Pittsburgh: Penguins Dallas vs Washington: Washington Anaheim vs Detroit: Detroit Boston vs Las Vegas: Vegas
  6. St. Louis Columbus
  7. Tampa Bay Lightning Carolina Hurricanes: Tampa Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings: Tie Winnipeg Jets New York Islanders: Isles
  8. Montreal vs Toronto: Montreal New York Rangers vs Ottawa: NYR Carolina vs Washington: Washington New Jersey vs Buffalo: NJ Columbus vs Pittsburg: Columbus Tampa Bay vs Florida: Tampa Detroit vs Nashville: Nashville Boston vs Arizona: Arizona
  9. Chicago vs Philadelphia: Hawks Winnipeg vs New Jersey: Jersey Washington vs NY Islanders: Caps Toronto vs Columbus: Toronto
  10. Florida vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Winnipeg vs. NY Rangers: Rangers Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Montreal vs. Carolina: Montreal Boston vs. Dallas: Dallas
  11. This makes me think of the Pacioretty thing from his earlier seasons, where he said something along the lines of how he'd rather be in AHL as a key player than riding the bench or getting a few minutes a game on the fourth line in the NHL. If Poehling can play well in the minors, I don't see any reason why he won't be given a shot when our inevitable injuries happen during the season. As an aside, this sort of thing is yet another reason why it was such an important move to finally get rid of Lefebvre. We no longer have to make a strict choice between keeping someone in the NHL and completely stymieing their development.
  12. Toronto Washington
  13. Believe me when I tell you that I 100% understand this sentiment, but I don't think that there's any realistic result this year that will result in MB's firing. A few years back we had a great record, but it was pretty obvious to anybody watching the games that the team was actually playing pretty badly and it was just a matter of Price carrying us through. Bergevin had made some pretty questionable decisions to focus on grit and character (not to mention his choice of head coach) and I was pretty upset with him back then, but I couldn't really fault management for not making a move - who's going to argue with the guy who's brought your team to first place? Cut to the next year, though, and Carey got hurt. What followed was a pretty predictable run of bad results (although I don't think anybody predicted that they'd have literally their worst run of hockey in 80 years, but there it is). "Well," I thought, "this is no fun to watch but at least we'll finally get to see some changes at the top - Therrien will be out and Bergevin has finally had a chance to see what his team really looks like without Price to mask everything. We'll make the right moves and then we'll finally have a real contender of a team!". But lo, instead of learning any great lessons, Bergevin came out of that season with only two ideas: we were unlucky that Price was hurt, and we have to try harder. Therrien was soon given a contract extension. At that point it was pretty clear to me that there was nothing that Bergevin could do that would get him fired, and it was clear that the team wasn't getting any better. After the summer with the Subban and Eller trades I realized that I wasn't even really enjoying watching the team anymore, and since then I've pretty much moved on and only caught a few games (plus playoffs) over the last number of seasons. So why am I bringing this up now? Well, I'm over it . I'm still not a Bergevin fan - far from it - and I'm not thrilled that he made it through the summer without addressing the biggest hole in the team on defence. But we've got some exciting new players now, both the young kids and guys like Domi, and for the first time in a long time I've at least got some optimism that we could be moving in the right direction. It's also been long enough that this feels like a "new" team to me, and watching no longer frustrates me by reminding me of what could have been. I wholeheartedly agree with Ted above that they need to make a stronger move towards either winning now or towards selling our veterans, but even if nothing happens I still think that we're going to have a reasonably talented team that should be fun to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing how things shake out this year... and maybe still holding out a bit of naive hope that Bergevin has at some point learned form his experience.
  14. Small sample size and preseason games and yada yada yada, but the stats seem to agree with the eye test so far.