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  1. Haha I'll believe that one when I see it
  2. Touch wood, but when's the last time that we (or anybody, really) had a completely healthy team for any length of time? Having someone waiting that "should" be in the lineup on a regular basis is a pretty great problem to have. Unfortunately, in all likelihood we're realistically not going to have to worry about that decision much anyway.
  3. I agree, I'm loving the repeat opponents. Makes me wonder why they couldn't do something like this in a regular year - not only does it cut down on travel for the players, it's more fun to boot. I wouldn't be surprised if the reduced number of flights even saves the teams money. I guess it's a bit harder usually because they want to schedule every team against every other team, but I still wouldn't mind seeing them incorporate something like this against divisional opponents
  4. I never pay enough attention to know who's been on the ice against what players, but generally speaking there's usually a difference between the opposition that you're up against in the first pair vs the third pair. Romanov has looked great so far, no doubt, but I don't mind leaving him where he is for a while longer. There's nothing wrong with letting him continue to grow in confidence a bit before throwing him completely into the fire :)
  5. The thought at the time that we got rid of them was that for all the work it took creating threads each year and for all the space they took up on the site, there were maybe a half dozen that got used with any sort of regularity. We also got rid of them at the same time as we moved the site to a significantly less structured format in general. We figured that if there was a player worth talking about (new signing, someone playing well, constant trade rumours, etc.) that someone could still make a thread to discuss that player while they're more relevant, while other smaller comments could ju
  6. I've also noticed that the colder the weather outside gets, the less I'm minding covering my face. I feel like the anti-maskers in wintery Canada shouldn't knock it before they try it.
  7. On the bright side, for most teams there is going to be less travel involved. It might not actually feel that much more grueling if they're not doing as many big coast-to-coast trips. Who knows what it's going to look like for the Canadian teams, though... it could end up going the other direction with even more big road trips.
  8. That's pretty much the gist of it. I'm actually somewhat hopeful about this, to be honest. It's wildly irresponsible of them to start administering this widely without proper testing. But since they are doing it, there's a chance that it will turn out to work and could potentially save thousands of lives and jump-start the world's recovery. Now with that said, there's the other side, too. If it doesn't work (or worse yet if it causes lots of complications) then it could be a big problem. Not only for the people who took the bad vaccine, but also because all the anti-vax
  9. We've hosted the world championships in the past, so the facilities here in Halifax aren't the worst, but they are almost certainly not up to par with some of the NHL rinks around. In terms of restaurants and stuff, I was kind of joking in my last post about not wanting anyone to come here, but also kind of not. We've been completely COVID-free for like 3 weeks here, and doing something that jeopardizes that is something that I really don't think would garner a lot of public support. Even as a hockey fan my reaction is a big "no thanks" - I can't image they'll have anywhere near the s
  10. Hey, who says we want them! In all honesty, though, your plan is pretty much the only one that works IMO. Move them out of the way now, enforce a strict quarantine for two weeks, and then start training camps or whatever after that. The only problem is that once one player in that group has symptoms, the whole group is going to have to start their two weeks all over again. Honestly, it all seems so futile, and all just to play a few games of hockey in August
  11. With the media continually reporting on which cities are in/out of the running like it's a big exciting prize, it's got me curious - do people in these cities even have any reason to care about this? I'm assuming that they're not opening up the games to fans. So why would people in Toronto care if the games are in Toronto? Why even would the city of Toronto care if the games are in Toronto? I mean it'll drum up extra business for maybe 3 hotels and a catering company, but beyond that I don't see the impact (beyond opening up the city to a bunch of people coming in from out-of-town during t
  12. For what it's worth, his children (who obviously knew him) don't seem to think so: I mean, I don't think there are too many people in the world who would answer "yes" to the question "am I in favour of rioting". At the same time, it's a bit more complicated than that. Peaceful protests about this have been going on forever and nobody has listened or made any changes. In fact, most of the time people complained about those protests, too. I mean to look at one tiny example, all Kaepernick did was kneel during the anthem a few times (which is about as non-violent and unobtrusive
  13. Yeah, just stick a fork in it; this season's done. Sucks for the NHL to lose out on the playoff revenue, sure, but when we're talking about a league that's lost however many games to labour disputes in the last few decades.... well, lets just say I'm not going to shed too many tears.
  14. Have you tried the Marble-ympics? Pro tip: it's way more fun if you pick a favourite team to cheer for before the events start!
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