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  1. For what it's worth, his children (who obviously knew him) don't seem to think so: I mean, I don't think there are too many people in the world who would answer "yes" to the question "am I in favour of rioting". At the same time, it's a bit more complicated than that. Peaceful protests about this have been going on forever and nobody has listened or made any changes. In fact, most of the time people complained about those protests, too. I mean to look at one tiny example, all Kaepernick did was kneel during the anthem a few times (which is about as non-violent and unobtrusive to peoples' lives as you can possibly get) and everyone was up in arms about that as being "disrespectful". At some point, when it's their literal life on the line, I can see how this could make a person say "to Hell with it, I'm just going to break stuff until someone finally listens to me". And hey, people are talking about the cause and, for the first time, there's maybe at least a small hope that some changes might be made in the future. So I guess I'm not saying that I think rioting is a good thing, because I don't think that it is. But I also can't honestly say that it's not necessary (or at least understandable). I think my feelings on it are best summed up by this thing that I saw someone post on my Facebook feed. Rioting is definitely a bad thing, racism is definitely a bad thing, but right now the priority we give to just how bad each of those things is is just a little bit backwards.
  2. Yeah, just stick a fork in it; this season's done. Sucks for the NHL to lose out on the playoff revenue, sure, but when we're talking about a league that's lost however many games to labour disputes in the last few decades.... well, lets just say I'm not going to shed too many tears.
  3. Have you tried the Marble-ympics? Pro tip: it's way more fun if you pick a favourite team to cheer for before the events start!
  4. Somewhere... like a cruise ship?
  5. *Gasp!* It all comes together! All these years, all this panic, all to prepare for this... his final form... KINOT-19
  6. My understanding is that COVID-19 stands for the COronaVIrus Disease that was discovered in 2019
  7. So what you're saying is that this is all your fault? #Blame_H_T_L?
  8. I actually think you're right on this, kinot, but I also wouldn't say it's the whole story. In my (completely untrained and unqualified) opinion there are two sides to this - the personal and the societal. On a personal level, I feel like some people are waaaaaaaay overestimating the danger that the virus represents to them. And I'm not just talking about young folks who shouldn't have problems dealing with it - even people who are in the at-risk groups are, realistically, not in much personal danger from this. Even if you take a place like Italy, with all the horror stories coming from there, we're still looking at fewer than 28,000 cases. That sounds like a huge number, but in a nation with over 60 million people that means your chances of being infected right now is like 1/20th of one percent. China, which largely has their spread under control now, has had about 80,000 cases in a nation of almost 1.5 billion. Now obviously these numbers can rise and change, but this still doesn't strike me as something your average person needs to stay up at night losing sleep over. (Stats all come from here) BUT (and there is a big but!) The big issue that's coming to the fore isn't the danger to any one person, it's about managing the danger to those few people who do get sick. 28,000 cases isn't a huge number compared to the general population of Italy, but 28,000 people all sick with the same thing at the same time was still enough to completely overwhelm their medical system. The stories that get shared about Italian doctors having to choose which patients to give ventilators to because there aren't enough to go around are pretty awful, and it's this sort of thing that we're trying to prevent with all the "social distancing" measures. The whole "flatten the curve" mantra that's getting repeated everywhere is about addressing exactly this - it's not even about the number of people who get sick, it's about trying to limit the number of people who get sick at the same time so that we can provide the necessary medical care to all of them in turn. So yes, it might seem on the surface like we're taking an awful lot of protective measures for a relatively small number of cases. And maybe we are. But if missing our vacations and not watching hockey leads to an extra 10 or 100 or however many people surviving that otherwise might not have, I'd like to think that just about everyone would agree that it's worth it. So no, you don't need to hoard toilet paper, and no, you don't need to hide in your basement being terrified of germs, but at the same time I'd argue that it's well worth implementing the preventative measures that all of the various public health officials are recommending. Not necessarily to avoid getting sick ourselves, but rather to reduce the chances of someone getting to the hospital only to find that there's not enough equipment there to help them.
  9. Bergevin playing the real long game on this one!!
  10. I doubt that we'll even get that much - the fact that the season is just "temporarily" suspended means that they probably won't schedule any end-of-season stuff. My guess is that they'll probably just let it go and hope that everyone's forgotten about it by the time the cancelled season becomes official. Lets them avoid all of those pesky questions.
  11. Hah! What gets me the most about this whole thing is: why toilet paper? I mean, even if the worst of worst-case scenarios comes to pass and you can't leave your house, there's still a couple of dozen other things that you won't be able to get (food, water, propane, diapers, soap, toothpaste, medicine, etc.). Why is everyone's #1 concern in all of this to stock up on mounds of toilet paper? Sure I can't eat, drink or bathe, but at least my butt will feel great!
  12. Build a team that wins? That's the long and short of it. He's had free reign and unlimited resources with which to build this team. He's been at it for close to a decade and we're worse off now than when he started. Yes, it's a hard job, and yes, we've had bad luck, and yes, not every team can win. But we're not close to being a true competitor, and the moves he makes don't seem to indicate that he understands that. In the last few years in particular all you hear about is us setting records for worst seasons, for losing streaks, etc. I'll turn your question around on you: exactly how bad does this team have to be before you think it would be worth changing out the GM?
  13. Heeeeeeeeya Habs fans! Welcome back to the most exciting thread of the year, our annual MN countdown to the playoffs! And as a special added bonus, this year the number should actually matter! What is the Magic Number, you ask? Basically, when it gets to 0 we will have officially clinched a playoff spot. Want more info than that? All of the magic will be revealed in the long post below! But first, I'll quickly mention that we haven't heard from Flying_Lion this season. While he has very graciously run this thread over the past few years we've been treated to fantastic updates with lots of stats and fancy-looking tables. I.... will probably not be providing that. I'll do my best to give regular updates on which games to watch for the bonuses, but if there's anybody out there who wants to volunteer to spruce up the tables or create some fancy spreadsheets I'd be very happy for the help! Otherwise, you'll just have to put up with my beautiful ASCII renditions of the standings . We'll start by updating the basic MN and the MN pace on regular basis, but I'll work towards filling in the other numbers (home ice, division, etc.) as needed when we get closer to the end of the season. And so, without further ado, here we go!
  14. Bonus Watch We're far enough back right now that specific bonuses don't matter so much as we need to see everyone from Florida to Buffalo drop some games. For what it's worth, though, we'll need losses to two of Florida, Toronto and Philly to bring the number down.
  15. Well we beat Ottawa. In OT. That... a thing, right? Good job guys! On the other hand, our pace took another big drop and we're getting farther and farther from having a shot. I hate to do it, but starting next week it might finally be time to give up and add the no-go number to the list. Conference GP PTS NL 1 Washington Capitals M 46 65 13.5 2 Boston Bruins A 46 65 13.5 3 New York Islanders M 43 58 14 4 Pittsburgh Penguins M 45 61 14.5 5 Tampa Bay Lightning A 45 58 16 6 Carolina Hurricanes M 45 56 17 7 Florida Panthers A 45 53 18.5 8 Toronto Maple Leafs A 46 54 19 9 Philadelphia Flyers M 45 52 19 10 Columbus Blue Jackets M 46 52 20 11 New York Rangers M 44 46 21 12 Buffalo Sabres A 46 47 22.5 13 Montreal Canadiens A 46 45 23.5 14 New Jersey Devils M 45 41 24.5 15 Ottawa Senators A 45 39 25.5 16 Detroit Red Wings A 46 27 32.5 MN 82 MN Pace 1.80 MN EPD GM 91
  16. Reading through the last few pages of replies, it seems to me like "tank" means different things to different people, and that's where some of the disagreement seems to be coming from. If we take tanking to mean intentionally losing games in order to get a higher draft pick, I am completely opposed. But I think that almost everyone would agree with me. Coaches and players should be (and, I believe, almost always are) focused on winning as many games as possible. It's trite to say, but these guys really are professionals. I've got to believe that there's too much pride in an NHL dressing room for a whole team to decide that they're going to throw a game - people just don't think that way. On the other hand, it's a different thing if we're talking about a management-level "tank" that involves trading away your veteran players in order to get a return for them, even if it means losing more games this year. At a certain point it's just taking a realistic approach to good long-term planning - if you're not going to at least threaten to compete for the cup, what's the point of holding on to someone if getting rid of them could improve things in the future? Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure even the latter situation is going to be frustrating to the players on the team. When your manager all but says "we're throwing in the towel for the year", it's got to be frustrating as all get-out. But these guys live in the real world - they already knew that they were losing and that the year was over. Managers don't become wholesale sellers if that's not the case. So to say that this sort of "tanking" will hurt the term long-term or promote a culture of losing, I just don't see it. Players know the score - if anything, it shows a commitment to making the team better in the long run, and that's a better signal to a young player on the team than seeing management miss the playoffs and do nothing.
  17. Bonus Watch We're looking for losses to two of Carolina, Philly and Florida in order to move the number down, and the small bit of good news is that since the Flyers and the Canes play each other, we're already half way there!
  18. A bit of movement last week, but overall we're going in the wrong direction. Our pace is dropping, and worse still our losses have often been to teams that we're trying to catch. Hopefully some fresh faces will be enough to salvage 2020, which has not been particularly kind to us so far. We're currently three games back of the line, which is not fantastic. We're going to need a bit of a streak, and soon, to turn things around. Conference GP PTS NL 1 Washington Capitals M 43 63 11.5 2 Boston Bruins A 43 59 13.5 3 New York Islanders M 40 53 13.5 4 Pittsburgh Penguins M 42 55 14.5 5 Tampa Bay Lightning A 41 52 15 6 Toronto Maple Leafs A 43 53 16.5 7 Carolina Hurricanes M 42 50 17 8 Philadelphia Flyers M 42 49 17.5 9 Florida Panthers A 42 49 17.5 10 Columbus Blue Jackets M 42 46 19 11 New York Rangers M 41 42 20 12 Buffalo Sabres A 43 45 20.5 13 Montreal Canadiens A 42 43 20.5 14 New Jersey Devils M 41 36 23 15 Ottawa Senators A 42 37 23.5 16 Detroit Red Wings A 43 23 31.5 MN 87 MN Pace 1.86 MN EPD GM 89
  19. Bonus Watch We can make our own bonus tomorrow night, as a regulation win vs Carolina nets us an extra point. The only way to get the full 2 bonus points is if the Panthers lose in regulation to the Jackets.
  20. Welp, I guess the Habs must not have been very good this year because we got nothing but coal in our MN stockings. Two losses against Tampa and Florida, the very teams that we're trying to pass to get back into the playoffs, leaves us a lot worse off than we could have been otherwise. Here's to a better 2020, what do you say? Conference GP PTS NL 1 Washington Capitals M 40 59 10.5 2 Boston Bruins A 40 57 11.5 3 New York Islanders M 37 51 11.5 4 Pittsburgh Penguins M 38 50 13 5 Philadelphia Flyers M 39 49 14.5 6 Carolina Hurricanes M 39 48 15 7 Tampa Bay Lightning A 37 44 15 8 Florida Panthers A 38 45 15.5 9 Toronto Maple Leafs A 40 47 16.5 10 New York Rangers M 38 42 17 11 Columbus Blue Jackets M 39 42 18 12 Montreal Canadiens A 39 42 18 13 Buffalo Sabres A 40 41 19.5 14 Ottawa Senators A 39 37 20.5 15 New Jersey Devils M 38 32 22 16 Detroit Red Wings A 40 21 29.5 MN 92 MN Pace 1.87 MN EPD GM 88
  21. I think that most of us will agree, the internet is not always a friendly place to be. Something about the ability to hide behind an anonymous user name can sometimes bring out the worst in people, and sites devoted to sports, where emotions can run high, are no exception. It is when you take a moment to contrast it against that less-than-pleasant backdrop that you can really see how our little community here shines. We don't always agree with one another, sure, but from one side of the web to the other I honestly don't think you're going to find a friendlier place to talk hockey. Being a moderator on this site is a pretty easy job, all told, and it's all of you that we have to thank for that. So from all of us who help to run this site, I want to offer a sincere thanks to all of you for making this such a great place to visit. Now with that said, it's also worth taking a bit of time sometimes to look back at how this site came to be what it is. This sort of culture of respect doesn't just happen on its own - it started years ago with some of our earliest posters. When someone new comes to the site, whether they know it or not, they take their cues on how to interact from the people who are already here. Today, we would like to formally recognize three of those "veteran" posters for their excellent contributions to this site. All three of these guys have been here for years if not decades, and each has been a consistent positive presence on this forum throughout all of that time. They've had lots of insights and opinions about the Habs throughout the years (and in one particular case, also lots to say about horses and jazz) and I think that it's pretty safe to say that this forum wouldn't be what it is today without the three of them. And so, without further ado, I'd like to ask that you join me in congratulating our three newest "Hall of Fame" members, soon to be sporting their shiny new purple designations under their user names: Archey, Habs_Hockey_Nutz and jennifer_rocket Well done, guys!
  22. Bonus Watch We should get some early Christmas gifts of some kind tonight, as the Canes/Leafs, Lightning/Panthers and Rangers/Flyers games all feature pairs of teams that are competing with us in the standings. The one to watch the closest is the Florida bowl; if the Bolts win in regulation or the Panthers win in OT we get a point, while a regulation Panthers win nets us the full 2.
  23. We picked up a bonus somewhere along the line last week, bringing us down 3 to 95. We're still right there on the cusp, a single game back of eighth place. It amazes me every year how thin the line is and how quickly a team's fortunes can turn around - a win tonight against Winnipeg to bring us into the Christmas break would make me feel a lot better. Conference GP PTS NL 1 Washington Capitals M 37 57 8.5 2 New York Islanders M 34 49 9.5 3 Boston Bruins A 37 51 11.5 4 Carolina Hurricanes M 36 46 13 5 Pittsburgh Penguins M 36 46 13 6 Philadelphia Flyers M 36 45 13.5 7 Florida Panthers A 35 41 14.5 8 Tampa Bay Lightning A 34 38 15 9 Toronto Maple Leafs A 37 42 16 10 Montreal Canadiens A 36 40 16 11 New York Rangers M 35 38 16 12 Buffalo Sabres A 37 41 16.5 13 Columbus Blue Jackets M 36 38 17 14 Ottawa Senators A 37 34 20 15 New Jersey Devils M 35 27 21.5 16 Detroit Red Wings A 38 21 27.5 MN 95 MN Pace 1.94 MN EPD GM 85
  24. Dallas vs Florida: Stars Washington vs New Jersey: Washington Toronto vs New York: Tie Pittsburgh vs Edmonton: Oil
  25. Yep! Losses to Tampa and Buffalo were great, too! The bigger games from our opponents are tonight - let's go Stars!