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  1. YEAH! Chips is in tonight! hope he doesn't have too much rust. Would love to see this guy shut down some big names on Detriot!
  2. are you kidding? why on earth is Chipchura not getting his chances? he's improved every game he's played, and always gives 100% effort. He's not there to score goals, he's there to play an effective defensive game, grind it out in the corners, etc. given time, that effort will translate into points as he digs out the puck for his linemates.
  3. Yeah, I'm really starting to wonder wear this guy finds the luck. How did he by-pass the AHL? how did he stick around his first year? and HOW is Gui here now and Chips not? Chipchura was playing very well in the role he was there to play. He missed ttraining camp and needed time to adjust, and he was doing just that. Every game he played better than the last...so he's rewarded with a multi-game benching while other players play far worse and show less effort. How are you suppose to stay motivated in a system like that?
  4. Lats, IMO Cams-Gomez_Gionta AK46-Pleks-Metro (to ease AK back into the secodn line with a guy that he's been playing hard with) Moen-Laps-Pac White-Chips-Pyatt I would LOVE to see that line-up. Keep Metro up on teh second line til someone stesp up (Pacs?). Let me guess, you judge players strickly on goals and points? Chips is out there grinding every game, getting better every shift. Chipchura is developing into that type of player that every team needs. Not going to be the flashiest, or the most recognized, and you wont' see his name on many jersey's in the crowd, but i bet he's gonna be that type of player that everyone else on the team picks as one of the top 2 or 3 guys they'd want with them if they had to build a team from scratch. Horrible? Hardly.
  5. Would like to see this guy on a line with Pyatt and White actually. It would certainly be a hard working line. CHips deserves to be back in the line up ( he didn't deserve to sit in my opnion).
  6. yup........guess being a healthy scratch is a good way to keep building that confidence why this guy isn't playing against boston is beyond me. I think he's improved ever single game he's played. He certainly hasn't been our worst player. There are a few people that should be in line for the press box ahead of ths guy. Very frustrating.
  7. very much so. I posted that on teh game day thread, adn was surprized to find not a lot said abou thim here after that game. Thought he played his best game yet. He still hasn't played as much as some did in preseason. He's actually getting into things fairly fast considering other people on the team have yet to find their groove either, and that is WITH preseason.
  8. Really? I thought this guy was doing pretty well in the faceoff circle.
  9. Okay, I admit the guy does a nice job on the 4th line, but come on.Second line center adn 4th line center are 2 completely different jobs. Thats like asking for the guy that replaced your windshield to rebuild your engine cause you're impressed with his glass work.
  10. The guy also didn't have the benefit of preseason, and likely wasn't where he normally is conditioning wise. I see him improving (slowly) but its gonna take time. I'm holding out hope for the guy.
  11. Does this guy have to clear waivers? If he was signed and asigned to Hamilton for coniditioning is that our loop-hole? Otherwise I can see a team like Toronto claiming him off waivers. Their D couldnt' get any worse, and this guy at least brings an offensive upside to the blue-line. If he has to clear waivers, at that cap hit and term, he isn't making it to Montreal , is he?
  12. If he can keep playing like that I'd love to see him on a line with Laps and Lats. That pairing woudl give us a thrid line with a nice bit of scoring punch I think. If THIS is how he CAN play then i'm STARTING to see why some people are so keen on him. Still haven't seen anything to make me think he's top 6, but he looked like he could be a decent fit on that energy line. just hope he's not one of these guys that needs constant pushes from the coach to get going though.
  13. going off list here: Koivu! With Markov and Higgins' wearing the 'A'.
  14. YES! another small forward!!!! seriously though, this kid could be the ultimate dark horse.
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