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  1. Well, nice to see Bergeron get his first goal as a Hab last night...what a one timer! :)

    However, I'm still questioning some passes in our own end that he made last night, and I don't like him much in our own end yet...there's definite room for improvement. But we signed him mainly for the PP, right...I think he will definitely help us deliver up a man.

  2. Thank you fansince1975!!

    So many people are talking about how bad Chippy is, but I don't know why!

    I really like this guy and I thought he had a pretty good game last night too.

    There were a few times when we were shorthanded that Chipchura made some great plays to get the puck out and keep them from crossing our blue line. Good penalty killing last night.

    So yeah, good game Chip!

    The only reason I'd like to see him go back to the AHL (which I'm sure he will when Metro comes back), is so I can watch him play with the Bulldogs again, haha. :) I think he's an exciting player to watch when he's here in Hamilton!!

  3. Yeah....he definitely should NOT have continued playing after that hit....which he should've seen coming...

    However, midway through the third (after he cost us the Armstrong goal), I thought he played pretty well. Hopefully he'll have a good game tomorrow.

    And you're right jennifer - he definitely didn't play worse than Gill and we REALLY need him to help our powerplay!!

  4. Hey there shield!

    Well, hi there everyone...

    Born: Brampton, ON

    Live: Hamilton, ON

    Age: 16

    All time Habs player: Guy Lafleur for sure!

    Favourite current player: Guess who? Haha that's right, I idolize Josh Gorges...I mean, how can you NOT like Gorges?

    Unfortunately, I have never been to a regular season game...but I have been to a pre season game in Hamilton a long tim eago, and a game in Buffalo a few years ago...

    Once I get older, I will definitely be goin to several games a season.

    Every other thing I own is Habs related...:) HUGE Habs fan here...

    Started liking them at least 8 years ago..beleive it or not, I was a Dallas Stars fan once upon a time..I have no clue why...and then I was a Leafs fan cause my dad was a Leafs fan...then the switch from a Leafs to Habs fan. Don't remember why or how it happened, but hey..I'm so glad I switched teams. That choice has changed my life. :)

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