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  1. Wow unbelievable hockey this guy is playing lately. When we picked this guy up off waivers I thought him to be a soso 4th liner with limited skill. It turns out Glen is an incredible hockey player. Everything from killing penalties and now PP time. He looked impeccable on the PP. If he plays like he did last game throughout the season he will definetly be my new favorite Canadiens. I love how he is getting lots of ice time and playing on the 3rd line, we need him.
  2. I can't wait to see this guy bust a slapper. He's the next Streit or Souray. Does anyone know why a +5 guy, with 14 goals in 72 games didn't get picked up during the summer??
  3. AMAZING game by Metro. It's gonna be hard giving Chipchura another shot if Metro plays like this.
  4. IMO Sergei should be on the habs team, he'd make a great fit on the 3rd or 2nd line. I don't think putting Sergei up and down like this is developing him, he showed last year he could average roughly a point per game in the AHL and with the experience he has in the NHL there is no reason he should be back in Hamilton. Pacioretti is the one that should be sent down, he is just too raw. Considering the few games a college season gives a player he should definetly be spending a full year in the AHL. I was really looking forward to seeing sergei play this year, He'd make one of the best 3rd lines in the nhl with max and lats. But now he;s back in hamilton, these "attitude"allegations are all balognie, just stupid! Like attitude to me is talking back to your elders. This kid doesnt talk back! He got yelled at by coach.... did u see him yelling back at him?, NO! He almost was late for practice once... ALMOST! Who cares! If the habs organization sent Sergei down based on "attitude" problems (which he doesn't have) then this organization the one I've been cheering for all my life is really starting to get my goat. First we rid ourselves of Koivu and gut the rest of our beloved habs, now this junk. The only plausible reason to send sergei down would be to get cap space for trade/signing...BUT oh wait Pacioretti makes the same money as Sergei....I guess there is no reason for S. KOST's demotions after all.... (feels good to get that off my chest) We had better win this year...I dont know how long I can put up with this team...
  5. I hope to god we dont let this guy walk. He's one of my favorites and demoting him to hamilton off and on like this when he is nhl caliber is not good at all.
  6. Haha that RDS video was funnyy! I like strict coaches, not like gordon ramseys though. Sergei is so exciting to watch. I watched him last saturday in ottawa and man he makes nifty passes. I think he's gotten bigger from last season like an inch and a half bigger, which is good!
  7. I agree completely this line would be a wonderful 3rd line to have. It would be good to have sergei on the third line anyway so that he could really solidify himself as a defensively competent offensive player for the future.
  8. Koivu, if the organization has any common sense. Unlike this post that doesn't even include koivu in the poll.
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