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  1. Ya know....ANYTIME ya feel like going for a 3 hour drive (west), I always got lotsa dishes for ya......since it IS one of your favorite chores.... {wish I had a dishwasher }
  2. True The poster below cant believe (as I cant) that this thread is still going
  3. HILARIOUS! (If I knew how to do it, I'd give that a face palm) Wow, unbelievable.
  4. Jennifer's Body - *sigh* Just horrible......2/10 (don't even know what the "2" would be for, but whatever...) Saw VI - Wow. Udder disappointment. Though I guess I didn't really expect much, they've seemed to have gotten worse (less good) with each one they do. First two were great, third was good, fourth was alright/ok, and the fifth and sixth were pointless...IMO. Thought I heard this was going to be the final movie in the series, but they left it open for, possibly, another one. End It Already!......5/10
  5. Touche. Perhaps I would have had a different opinion if I did in fact see it in the theatre where I could experience it as it was meant to be, or even if I had of seen it on a good copy on DVD. My main thing was the story itself. Just didn't really find it all that interesting. I'm sure the visuals were amazing in the theatre (3-D and all...). From what I've seen in the commercials on my HD t.v., they look darn good. But for me, I'd rather cheesy graphics with a great story/plot, instead of superb graphics with a lame story/plot. [Perfect example: Star Wars I, II, III, as well as the re-release (edited) of the originals....should never have been made, IMHO (or at least had a better story, and lay off the overdone, high tech, out-of-this-world computer visuals and graphics). Sometimes a little simplier is a lot better.] Never know, I may end up watching Avatar again some day, on a 3-D t.v. or something...with a clear picture! As far as Beethoven, I'd be just fine with listening to him however and/or wherever....I would prefer tho, opposed to "Beethoven's 9th Symphony", "Romance for Violin and Orchestra no.1 in G Op. 40", or " Violin Concerto in D Op. 61, part 3: Rondo (Allergo)" or "Symphony no. 6 in F Op. 68 'Pastoral', Part 5: Allegretto: Shepherd's Song - Happy And Thankful Feelings After The Storm".
  6. Yeah, they've gotten so big, there's now a musical ("American Idiot") based around their music... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Idiot_(musical)
  7. Avatar Saw a copy burnt from the internet. Bad picture, made it really hard to get into. That, and the fact I missed the first 15-20 minutes. Other than that, it was decent {at best}, but I really dont know what the big "hoopla" is about this movie. Story-wise, I'd give it a 6.5, and that's being generous. Not my "cup of tea", I suppose. Doubt I'll watch part 2.....which I guarantee there will be.
  8. Good call. (actually took me a second to get that )
  9. "The Number 23"......I thought it was actually a pretty good movie. Didn't think I'd like it as much as I did. I kept trying to decifur if peoples names, the names of stores, addresses (anything and everything) actually did come out to be 23. Wow. Crazy. Started making me go a little nutz!! I'd give it an 8.9/10. Two Thumbs Up!!!
  10. I Am Legend (Will Smith) - Not bad, not great...could've been worse, could've been better.....6.5/10
  11. You're listening to cake? Does it usually talk to you before you eat it? What's it sayin'?
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