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  1. Yeah, I left for a while...

    I missed a lot of yous, but got fed up with the trolling.

    Seems to be better now that the Habs win.

  2. CRB, aren't you done sorting through your 1000+ pictures yet? You went to the game on Saturday, so i'm hoping for a real Markovfest!
  3. I have a brand new kitten, named Dostoievsky. But we call him Dosty...
  4. Wow thank you CRB, your pics and comments are a lot of fun, like always. And it's so funny, on the pic you took especially for me, it looks like the big drop of water is falling off Carey's helmet... Looking forward to your next pictures.
  5. Bob Gainey has slashed the two-headed dragon that was tearing apart the locker room, leaving his subjects without a true king... I'm told they will let fate decide on who's to take charge, when they freeze a hockey stick in the Bell Center's ice, and ask all candidates to try and pull it out...
  6. Markov is a good choice. He's been our most useful player last year, the team basically crashed down when he was viciously injured, and he's been there the longest. Now, can someone call BG to let him know we've decided?
  7. No further back than last season, it was obvious that Saku was not always able to follow in icetime minutes. Then when rumours of feuds in the locker room arose, it was often mentioned on this very board that Mr Gillett was the only reason Saku Koivu was still in the Canadiens. Couldn't it be something other than just an unclassy move on Gainey's part? Couldn't it be that Bob Gainey has new bosses now...?
  8. Seriously, the worst thing to do would be to let the question linger too long. We do not need more of the side-taking and clan-making in the locker room that's bound to happen if the Captain is not firmly designated by merit and for the best reasons. The GM needs to show his roomfull of new teammates, and their knowledgeable fans, that he's thought this out and that there's a strategy, a plan, a clue behind everything done. Whoever is named captain, it should be the most important decision made this new season.
  9. A difficult call like this requires good, sound elimination techniques: "So you think you can wear the C ?" A new reality show coming this fall... (Now is a time to be extra glad Quebecor didn't buy the team)
  10. Jennifer from Varennes Almost 35 Married and mother of 2 Favorite current Hab(s): Those who put their feet into it, and the Grand Star buried within Carey Price. Favorite lifetime Hab: Goalie Patrick Roy. Favorite moment as a Fan: Listening to the match on a walkman with earphones, in 98 during the Icestorm, for an explosive 8-1 win!
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