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  1. Hi all! My name is Valtteri. I´m 19 years old and I come from Finland, city called Pori. So how did I end up cheering for the Habs? All the credit goes to Koivu! He was my idol and still is. I consider myself as quite a big fan. I try to watch as many games as possible but because of the time difference it´s hard (games usually begin there at 7 pm. so the clock is 2am here). Yet I managed to see about 50 games. In this February I finally made my dreams come true when I travelled to Montreal with my girlfriend (I have made her a Habs fan also) to see the Leafs game against Habs. That week in beautiful city of Montreal was propably the best time of my life. This is propably unnecessary to say but I want to make you jelous! I bought Paciorettys game worn jersey during that trip (love you Max!). So what else can I say than: GO HABS GO!!!
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