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  1. 6. He's not good enough. Pretty nice goal by Avtsin though on Monday, I believe.
  2. Our Lady Peace - Dreamland http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUoe-DgNzWU...feature=channel Pretty good song off their somewhat-new album.
  3. I was waiting for the bus this morning before going to work and I could've sworn I saw Benny Pouliot driving one of the buses which is rather odd considering he hates traffic and busy areas. /sarcasm Here's hoping that he actually works harder than he did in the past playoffs.
  4. At least RDS members can stop having nightmares about Lapierre being unsigned by the Habs.
  5. Grab the pitchforks guys, WE GOT AN INTRUDER IN HERE!
  6. The Hard Times of RJ Berger is pretty funny. You guys should definitely check it out.
  7. I don't know squat about basketball teams, just that I wanted LA to beat Boston because the Celtics are also home to the Bruins. I have no idea how good the Knicks team is, but I'm pretty sure that no amount of cash will ever fill the void in yourself if you're unable to ever win a championship.
  8. "I'm here to announce that I will not be signing with any team today. I still need some time to think. Sorry." You heard it here first.;0 (kidding, obviously)
  9. From Paris With Love It only got a 6.4/10 according to IMDB, but it should've been given at least an 8. Possibly an 8.5. I've seen good action movies, but add in the comedy and you've got yourself a hell of a movie. I loved it. Felt kinda short, though.
  10. I was born in 1990 between the '86 and '93 wins if that counts.=p
  11. Would he be, by any chance, trying to do the Soulja Boy dance?
  12. I agree with your statement. They have yet to release a bad song.
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