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  1. I dont know about you guys but, thats a dandy couple of days!
  2. I agree that it wasn't one of his better games. He made a slick pass that lead to a scoring chance though which i thought was pretty nice.
  3. False(should get me one of those, probably get hauled over more tho, dam cops) The poster below me has experienced a freakout while playing a video game.
  4. Any word on his plans if he doesn't make the team(which is likely he wont)? I got tickets to an exhibition bulldogs game and i would love to see him play.
  5. The switch, seen it last weekend, was okay- 7/10
  6. There used to be an older thread for tattoo's- i cant find it now though. There was some REALLY nice ones in there such as a tattoo of roy holding the cup covering all the guy's back!
  7. Is he on the russian junior team? By the way, where can i view all the teams at the junior championships?
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