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  1. Daytime Emmys tonightt!!! =]]

  2. Who's watching the Oscars tonight? I know I am! Fingers crossed for Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan with Inception!

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    2. jagh55


      Anyhoo, =]

      I cast a vote for Steve Carell and Tina Fey to cohost the show next year!

    3. beaubie


      I'm not really an enthusiast when it comes to these things but I thought it was good. But that's coming from someone who doesn't really have a frame of reference. I liked that Anne looked like she was absolutely enjoying herself. Giddiness and all. Franco looked like he was stoned at times ala Pineapple Express lol. The opening part I loved as well. I felt really "meh" about the King's Speech winning but I guess since I didn't see it I should reserve judgment. I li...

    4. Nine1One


      needs more john stewart hosting

  3. how does reputation work??

    1. ColRouleBleu


      it doesn't work because it's not activated .... and will not be as far as I know

    2. uncivilengineer


      Easy, if your username is not hrf, you win!

    3. ColRouleBleu
  4. Watched Donnie Darko again for the 100th time a few days ago . It made my tiny little brain hurt so much, that I spent an entire evening watching transformers, just so I could feel smart again.. It didnt work

  5. My dog died today. Man I never knew anything could hurt so bad..

  6. Just realized... message boards are the heaven of monologues...

  7. Elizabeth Webber: Jason, I'm not gonna lie and say I don't care for you. I just hope you wouldn't have to lie to me and say you feel the same way.

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