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  1. it was a safe bet. he is waiver eligible and the team won't risk losing him for nothing once when markie comes back. it is weber vs. picard battle for the point shooter position at the moment.
  2. dustin scored two goals last night. he's got 7 goals and 2 assists in 16 games. not bad at all.
  3. i said "an average season". it is your right to belive in anything you want, but facts are facts. there is no doubt that frolov has a bigger trade value than ak, currently.
  4. hm, frolov had three good seasons scoring 59, 67 and 71 points, two times over 30 goals, while andrei scored 51 point once. last year was an average at best with only 41 ponits, and he never scored 30 goals. yes, i know he's younger, but there is no guarantee he would ever score 35 goals, especially if he will be unhappy here because of "mistreatment" of his little brother. frolov, on the other hand, is proven 35 goal scorer . so with all respect, i can't agree that frolov=ak.
  5. well, if we could land frolov for the kosty bros i wouldn't be mad at all...
  6. yeah, women rule the world... but anywy, i don't thik sergei would be delighted to extend his contract with the habs if he is going to spend another half a year in hamilton.
  7. i think we should trade sk asap. he is rfa next summer and i can see him following a footsteps of jiri hudler to khl.
  8. hi! my name is boris, i'm 27 years old. i live in zagreb, croatia. ice hockey isn't the most popular sport in croatia, on the contrary, soccer, basketball, handball and even waterpolo have much more fans here. we have only 3 ice hockey clubs and our national team is currently in the world's division I. this situation could be changed because, starting next year, our champion medvescak will be playing austrian professional ice hockey league called ebel, so managment of the team is planning to bring some canadian ohl and ahl players of croatian origin. finally some good hockey in the town! i've been following ice hockey since world championship 1994. and liked it very much because it is more dynamic than any sport i've seen. of course, except world championships and olypimcs tournaments, there was no way you could see ice hockey on tv in croatia. so i followed nhl througt the internet, rare press articles in croatian newspapers and ea sports nhl live game. joe sakic (his grandparents are croatians) was my idol but i didn't like the fact he's been playing for the club removed from the origin city. in the european sports something like that is impossible. i read a lot of about nhl history and i fell in love with the habs. last year i got tremendous news, our cable tv put in nasn (now espn america) as a one of their regular program so i can watch nhl every day cheers!
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