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  1. A conspiracy theory that belongs on this thread. Trump has actually tweeted Osama bin Laden is still alive and the raid to find him was fake.
  2. Trump has actually said Biden will listen to the scientists in regards to the virus. Nothing like an admission that he thinks he knows everything.
  3. In response to Ben Sasse's criticism of Trump, Trump called the senator stupid and obnoxious.
  4. With more Americans sliding into poverty and homeless as a result of a lack of a second stimulus plan, the question is what makes anyone think Trump would have made sure people were taken care of even if he had a plan?
  5. Boston defenseman Matt Grzelcyk has signed a four year $14.75 million contract.
  6. Pittsburgh and defenseman Cody Ceci agree on a one year $1.25 million contract.
  7. Will Henrik Lundqvist be willing to be a backup to Holtby now that he's signed with Washington? How many starts is he likely to get?
  8. Remove this post.
  9. In my area, we still haven't received mail-in ballots we applied for. These ballots are supposed to be printed by a company that turned out to be a Trump supporter. In his book "Disloyal", Michael Cohen said Trump never expected to win. He's never acted like that.
  10. Toronto signed Joe Thornton for one year $700,000.
  11. At last night's town hall meeting, Trump continued to evade questions and defended his financial record while the New York Times reported he owes $421 million in debts. That might the seventh bankruptcy Yahoo was referring to.
  12. Nebraska Republican senator Ben Sasse has blasted Trump saying he kisses dictators' rears, uses the presidency as a business opportunity, and selling out allies among other things. How soon does Trump trash Sasse?
  13. Rangers and defenseman Tony DeAngelo and goaltender Alexandar Georgiev agree on contracts. Terms were not disclosed in either case.
  14. What about 2008? I thought we had a chance that year.
  15. Trump is now running an ad that has Dr. Fauci praising Trump. After Fauci denied the claim, Trump is calling him a Democrat.