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  1. Even now, Trump continues to insult governors and reporters who criticize his response and his policies. No one said he could take criticism.
  2. New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees will be donating $5 million to help the needy.
  3. Trump has pushed back the deadline for social distancing relaxation until April 30. He might now be finding out running a business and a country are two different things.
  4. Instacart and Amazon workers on strike over health concerns. It's amazing hospital workers haven't already gone on strike if only because they don't have the luxury.
  5. We can count on normal as we previously knew it being a thing of the past.
  6. Florida has four cruise ships off shore that are full of sick passengers.
  7. Trump has tried to issue a cease and desist order to stations barring them from airing ads critical of his handling of the corona virus situation.
  8. Trump is now backing off from the mandatory quarantine for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  9. New York Knicks James Dolan has tested positive for the corona virus.
  10. Baltimore Ravens and defensive lineman Derek Wolfe have agreed on a one year contract. The deal is $3 million fully guaranteed and another $3 million in incentives.
  11. The league still hopes to resume the season. At this point, it's a bit delusional.
  12. Hospitals in the U.S. continue to complain of shortages of equipment they'll need.
  13. Trump may well have a plan to deal with the virus. Keep states divided and competing against each other. The thought Trump trying to profiteer from this may not be farfetched.
  14. Trump says New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut may need to be quarantined short term. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has dismissed the idea.
  15. Second Colorado player has tested positive for the corona virus.