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  1. Michigan 76 Minnesota 49. Michigan defense limited Minnesota to 41% shooting from the field and 17% from beyond the arc.
  2. Duke 73 Florida 63. Lane penetration by Duke.
  3. Philadelphia plays at Milwaukee today at 3:30 P.M.
  4. Jon Rahm leads after the third round of the Players Championship at -15.
  5. St. Louis 5 Pittsburgh 1, final. Detroit 2 Islanders 1, final.
  6. A team that ran into good goaltending.
  7. St. Louis 4 Pittsburgh 1, 5:03 left in the second period. Detroit 2 Islanders 1, second intermission.
  8. Cincinnati Bengals are re-signing tight end Tyler Eifert.
  9. Philadelphia 123 Sacramento 114. Control of the defensive boards, free throw shooting, and defense down the stretch.
  10. Tommy Fleetwood and Rory McIlroy are tied in the third round at -12. They are scheduled to tee off at 2:40 P.M.
  11. Big Ten basketball tournament. Michigan State 41 Wisconsin 32, 15:36 left in the second half.
  12. St. Louis 4 Pittsburgh 0, 16:40 left in the second period. Islanders 1 Detroit 1, 10:19 left in the second period.
  13. Anaheim center Ryan Kesler may be done for the season with a hip injury.
  14. Bishop is now day to day.
  15. Jacksonville, Florida - A woman walks into an Ace Rent a Car requesting a rental. When told none were available, she walked into the parking lot and found a rental with the keys in it and drove. She stopped at a Travel Lodge less than a mile away. When arrested by the police, she told them she took the car because none were available. The next excuse was demons told her to take the car and then she said demons actually stole the car.