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  1. 16 hours ago, maas_art said:

    For sure. And i mean there's dozens of different vaccine manufacturers, so not all 2.5b of those are the same ones -  although there are only 4 basic "types": whole virus protein subunit viral vector and nucleic acid (rna and dna)

    Even breaking them down, thats 10s - even hundreds - of millions of each type in arms of people for nearly a year.   Most clinical trials are done on thousands of patients, not hundreds of millions.  

    I can understand vaccine hesitancy in the early months but now?   


    Disinformation?  How big of a problem is it in Canada?  



  2. Lincoln, Nebraska - A robber is talking with a clerk at a gas station and then the power goes out over a widespread area.  The robber decides to rob the store at knifepoint with the power off.  What the suspect didn't know was the cash register is also connected to the power.  When the clerk explained he couldn't open the cash register without the power, the crook left emptyhanded.  Before the power outage, the suspect was caught on security camera.  



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