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  1. In light of Tuesday's loss in Virginia, Democrats still haven't learned their lesson as they got outmaneuvered. They still aren't in touch with the middle class.
  2. Jackson, Michigan - A 46 year old man broke into his landlord's home because he didn't like being evicted. He pushed the landlord's wife to floor and then got a beating that sent him to the hospital.
  3. Chelewah, Washington - A suspect wearing a bright yellow dress was reported stealing a school. Deputies spotted the school and gave chase when it ran a red light. When the suspect refused to stop, deputies had to give up the chase due to a new state law that only allows law enforcement to pursue a fleeing vehicle if they have probable cause to believe a felony occurred. Try figuring this one out. Other law enforcement personnel had to give up the chase for the same reason. Later, the suspect still wearing the same bright yellow dress was taken into custody after using a front end loader to destroy his estranged wife's home. Now they finally have something - theft of a stolen vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, first degree malicious mischief/domestic violence, and attempting to elude a police vehicle.
  4. Deltona, Florida - How to pizza stains get this burglar arrested? After asking a woman if she wanted to buy a gun, he took some leftover pizza out of her garbage. He broke into one car and rummaged through the center console and glove box and took the victim's wallet leaving marinara on the car door. He broken into another car taking a 9mm gun and an concealed weapons permit and leaving the empty pizza box behind. He also made the mistake of using three credit cards taken from one vehicle at gas stations overnight. The suspect was found walking on a street with the stolen credit cards in his possession.
  5. NHL.com. Carolina forward Nino Niederreiter will miss a few weeks with a lower body injury.
  6. Trump: 2 down and eight to go.
  7. Clackamas, County, Oregon - A 25 year old man is spotted driving erratically in a stolen pickup truck and running several stop signs. He then shot at a driver who tried to follow him to get his license plate number. He then led police on a high speed chase and crashed into a home. He broke into the home and stole a Ricky Bobby costume from "Talladega Nights" and was wearing the costume when he attempted to flee on a bicycle which had two flat tires. When he was surrounded by police, he dropped to the ground and was arrested. He was charged with first degree attempted assault, attempting to elude police, and burglary.
  8. NHL.com. Toronto has signed defenseman Morgan Reilly to an eight year $60 million contract.
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