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  1. Stafford, Virginia - Three men who were running low on gas decided it would be a good idea to carjack a victim outside a local gym. First, the intended victim is a mixed martial arts expert. After a scuffle, the MMA expert dropped his keys and the carjackers get into the victim's car which turned out to be a stickshift which they didn't know how to drive. Next, more patrons from the gym came out of the gym to assist. The carjackers then got back into their own car and took off onto the highway in the wrong direction at speeds up to 98MPH. They stopped after two miles and headed into the woods where police had set up a barricade around the perimeter. Soon after, they were tracked down by a K-9 officer.
  2. It's an expected result of someone who has never been held accountable and has a base that has been ignored by women and minorities.
  3. Niagara Falls, Ontario - Police had pulled over a driver on suspicion of DUI when another driver who had no connection to the first driver videotaped the proceedings and began shouting obscenities. The cop urged this suspect to calm down only to have him spit in the officer's direction. He fought back as the officer tried to arrest him. Backup was brought in and this suspect was hauled away. He was charged with obstructing a police officer, assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and violation of probation.
  4. NHL.com. Henrik Lundqvist will join MSG as a studio analyst for select Rangers telecasts.
  5. Nice to see you taking a shot at Toronto. Of course, you couldn't resist.
  6. The biggest accomplishment is that is feeds into radical propaganda that American democracy is one that is tailored to certain measurements only and one that turns into the ugliest forms of domination, tyranny, and despotism when people oppose the public.
  7. NHL.com. Colorado has signed defenseman Jack Johnson to a one year contract.
  8. Fountain Valley, California - A 33 year old man robs a Chase Manhattan bank of a large amount of money. With that success, what does he do? He goes back the next and tries to rob the same branch, this time with obviously different results.
  9. Newburg, Oregon - Police get a report of stolen Toyota Land Cruiser and give chase. The driver crashes into a woman who was driving a car that was also reported stolen. The pair apparently like the same things.
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