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  1. NHL.com. Philadelphia has signed forward Joel Farabee to a six year $30 million extension.
  2. Orlando, Florida - Two women steal $750 of Tommy Hilfiger clothes from a store and escape through an emergency exit to a waiting Escalade. After getting an alert for the SUV, police pulled the car over two hours after the theft from a Tommy Hilfiger store. They found four bags of the clothes which still had anti-theft sensors in place and noticed the crooks were wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothes with the tags still on the merchandise.
  3. Roe vs Wade in jeopardy as Texas effectively bans abortion.
  4. NHL.com. Nashville has signed forward Eeli Tolvanen to a three year $4.35 million contract.
  5. And Trump says this would never have happened on his watch. The biggest surprise is he's taken this long to condemn Biden.
  6. Australia - Two meth addicts dress up as cops and conduct a raid on a house against two dealers. They and demanded to know where the drugs and succeeded in knocking one dealer out and were going to do the same to the other.
  7. NHL.com. Minnesota has signed defenseman Jordie Benn to a one year $900,000 contract.
  8. Republicans are already trying pin the entire blame for the Afghanistan on Biden. While he deserves blame for this, Republicans are conveniently forgetting Afghanistan is ungovernable and the central government will only last as long as we are keeping it propped up. Trump made the mistake of establishing a deadline for a withdrawal. History has also shown when someone makes the mistake of announcing when they are planning to leave, the Afghans have a way of saying goodbye. We are seeing that unfold once again.
  9. NHL.com. Calgary has signed forward Dillon Dube to a three year $6.9 million contract.
  10. NHL.com. Carolina has agreed with forward Andrei Svechnikov to an eight year $62 million contract.
  11. Carrollton, Texas - A thief knew what he wanted: a big screen TV in an office building. First, he puts on a mask and gloves. Then, he grabbed a landscape rock and broke in. He positioned himself in front of the TV and grabbed a hold of it and pulled it off the wall only to find the TV was too heavy for him to handle. He crashed to the ground with the big screen on top of him. He thought better of the situation and left empty handed, but the whole thing was caught on security camera.
  12. Iowa City, Iowa - A 19 year old man got into a heated argument with another man at an apartment complex and attempted to walk away when he spotted the cops. The officers noticed a large bulge under his shirt near the waistline. When the officers handcuffed the suspect, a large bag of marijuana fell out. He not claimed the pot wasn't his, but the shirt wasn't his either. Nice try. It didn't go over with the police. The suspect was charged with felony and misdemeanor drug counts.
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