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  1. Don't they keep track of anything? Or do they just let the inmates run the asylum?
  2. Former GOP congressman and South Carolina governor Mark Sanford says Trump committed treason on January 6. Trump's been doing that ever since he announced his candidacy for president in 2015. And even though, Trump will go down as an even bigger fool.
  3. Rod Gilbert has died at age 80. Gilbert played his entire NHL career with the Rangers.
  4. NHL.com. Philadelphia has signed defenseman Travis Sandheim to a two year $9.35 million contract.
  5. Clearwater, Florida - A 49 year old man robbed a convenience store of Snickers bar at knifepoint. The suspect entered the convenience store asking for free food but was denied by the clerk. The suspect then pulled out a folding knife and pointed it at the clerk saying 'Don't make me doing anything stupid for a Snickers bar.' The clerk handed over the Snickers bar but the suspect left the candy bar on the front counter. When questioned by a sheriff's deputy, the suspect claimed he was trading the knife for the candy bar. Needless to say, the barter claim didn't work and the suspect was arrested for armed robbery.
  6. Kenosha, Wisconsin - A 19 year old woman visiting a friend's home needed to know two things. First, he had a cat and a gun. Our bozo picked up the taser and used to tease the cat which chased it. The gun went striking the man in the thigh and the cops were called. The man was charged with violating bond conditions which prohibited him from having a weapon. The woman was charged with negligent use of a weapon.
  7. NHL.com. Calgary has signed defenseman Nikita Zadorov to a one year $3.75 million contract and defenseman Juuso Valimaki to a two year $1.55 million contract.
  8. NHL.com. St. Louis will retire Chris Pronger's No. 44 before their January 17 game with Nashville.
  9. As I figured, Texas governor Greg Abbott will continue to oppose mask mandates. After all, he's got to stay in Trump's good graces.
  10. Australia - Four break into a restaurant without masks and were fined for violating the mask mandates there. In the first place, you would be wearing a mask if you were going to conduct a break in.
  11. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has tested positive for the virus. I wonder if he'll still oppose mask mandates or he'll weasel his way around this by getting better treatment than the public.
  12. Oconee County, South Carolina - A was spotted riding a stolen horse down the street and took into a home and hid it the bedroom. Deputies made contact with the suspect's father who said he wasn't supposed to be there. The father demanded his son come out of the bedroom and when deputies tried to arrest him, he went back in. It was then the deputies spotted the quarter horse standing in the middle of the bedroom. The suspect is charged with larceny of livestock.
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