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  1. Rally for January 6 rioters is tomorrow and there is concern of more violence since Trump fueled the possibility by saying hearts and minds are with them.
  2. Evander Kane has admitted to having a gambling problem but has denied betting on NHL games. That's what Pete Rose said. His being a baseball player is beside the point. And does Bettman finally get around to investigating Kane?
  3. Nashville - A 49 year old burglar breaks into a house and steals a TV set and some firearms and leaves behind his burglary notebook. The notebook contained a list of homes he was planning to rob and also linked him to a home he already robbed.
  4. Gillmer, Texas - First, an unidentified man walks into a bank and sits in a comfy chair in the lobby. After a few minutes, he gets up and walks up to the teller saying he is robbing the bank and gets $16,559. His next stop was with the bank president in the corner office. He was still in conversation with the president when the cops arrived and was arrested without incident.
  5. NHL.com. Edmonton forward prospect Dylan Holloway will at miss at least two months of the regular season after wrist surgery. Holloway had surgery three days after Wisconsin was eliminated from the NCAA tournament and was expected to be out four weeks. During the recovery, Oiler medical staff determined he would need another surgery.
  6. Oh yeah, Trump already said that. Minorities haven't done themselves any favors by being the sworn enemies of low income whites. That's what Trump exploited.
  7. Trump has called Milley's account ridiculous and called Milley a traitor and should be tried for treason.
  8. Newson survives recall and Larry Elder actually concedes. Where's Trump's opinion on this?
  9. California recall election is today and if Gavin Newsom retains the governorship, the Republicans already have an answer. Blame voter fraud.
  10. NHL.com. Seattle has signed forward Ryan Donato to a one year $750,000 contract.
  11. Trump picks this date to take another shot at Biden over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden was made a fool of according to Trump.
  12. Biden has now issued a vaccine mandate and Republicans are suing called the mandate an overreach. A foregone conclusion that would happen.
  13. January 6 rioters are now being called political prisoners by Trump allies. The surprise is it's taken this long for them to start complaining.
  14. NHL.com. Calgary has signed forward Brad Richardson to a one year $800,000 contract.
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