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  1. Finals between Miami and Dallas begins Tuesday at 9:00 P.M.
  2. Collier County, Florida - A 49 year old woman was charged throwing butter at her roommate in an argument over whose food was whose. The woman admitted to deputies to drinking vodka, but denied throwing the butter.
  3. Today, Detroit gets slaughtered by Boston 14-1 in a game shortened to eight innings and last night, Philadelphia beats Cincinnati 5-4 in 19 innings. Second baseman Wilson Valdez pitched a hitless and scoreless 19th inning to get the win making him the first player to win a game after starting at another position since Babe Ruth in 1921. He is also the 95th not to allow an earned run.
  4. Dallas eliminated Oklahoma City last and now awaits its opponent for the NBA title. Miami attempts to eliminate Chicago tonight at 8:30.
  5. Miami wins 101-93 in overtime to take a 3-1 series lead. The questin now is, can Miami finish off the Bulls?
  6. Oklahoma City loses a 15 point lead in the final five minutes of regulaton against Dallas and loses 112-105 in overtime and now trails 3-1. Miami leads Chicago 2 games to 1 and play tonight at 8:30.
  7. In Warner Robbins, Georgia, two city councilmen get into a food fight over a craps game. One of the councilmen is 72 years old.
  8. From the "Duh" file - a man breaks into a brewery in Alaska and steals beer. What else? but then you never know.
  9. It passes the time. Detroit has inconsistent winning 5-7 straight then losing 5-7 straight. Yesterday, they broke another losing streak beating Pittsburgh 2-0.
  10. Game 3 between Miami and Chicago tonight at 8;30.
  11. Columbus, Ohio - Bank robber complies with No Hats, No Hoods Policy, by lowering his hood when asked by a bank teller.
  12. Miami has managed to tie the series with Chicago winning 121-112. Can they win this series?
  13. So far, Chicago 30 Miami 26 8:25 left in the first half. Miami is definitely running into a better team.
  14. Cleveland gets 10 runs in the fourth inning enroute to a 19-1 win over Kansas City. Royals pitcher Vin Mazzaro set a team record for runs allowed giving up 14 runs on 11 hits in 2 1/3 innings.
  15. It looks we'll find out just how dumb the NFL is or how much contempt they have for the fans.
  16. We might be finding out what Miami is really made of. They just might end up crying out on the court. Or maybe they just took one victory lap too many.
  17. A correction needs to be made to my previous post. One, I have the wrong kind of turtle. Second, our turtle took its dive off the edge of the 16th fairway during either the first or second rounds. It already landed at No. 10 on the Not Top Ten. Funny, I missed it Friday. Hopefully the turtle didn't end up with the other nonpaying spectators that regularly cruise the water hazards.
  18. Yesterday during the third round the Tournament Players Championship in Ponte Vedra, Florida, NBC cameras showed a sea turtle diving off the 17th green (assuming I have the right hole) into one of the many water hazards on the course. Commentators made jokes about the landing being a bit short and definitely not a Greg Lougainis. The turtle might be seen again on ESPN's Not Top Ten.
  19. Verlander goes 5 2/3 innings of no hit ball in an attempt to become the second pitcher to throw consecutive no-hitters before giving up an RBI triple in the sixth. Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati remains the only pitcher to accomplish this feat having no hit the Boston Braves on June 11, 1938 and the Brooklyn Dodgers on June 15, 1938.
  20. A little more information on the Las Vegas Batman. It seems he didn't like his powers being mocked, so he traded punches with his antagonist. Unfortunately, Batman ended up getting bodyslammed.
  21. Batman also got into a fist fight in Las Vegas. That was all I was able to catch.
  22. Petoskey, Michigan - Batman on the wrong side of the law. Batman was spotted hanging upside down from a 30 foot tall building im complete costume armed with a telescoping steel baton, lead line gloves, and a can of chemical irritant spray. He is facing charges of carrying concealed weapons, a gas ejecting weapon, and disturbing the peace. I wonder if CRB knows about this. Petoskey is about 200 miles northwest of Flint.
  23. I forgot who that was. What do you of Kobe Bryant not keeping his mouth shut?
  24. It was nice of Kobe Bryant to distract the rest of the team by opening his mouth. And seeing the Lakers go out as cheap shot artists.
  25. Brady Hoke has suspended senior wide receiver Darryl Stonum indefinitely for a poor choice that has legal ramifications. I'm guessing another DUI. That's another good start in that Hoke needs to maintain control of the team.
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