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  1. Justin Verlander becomes the 30th pitcher with at least two no-hitters. I had switched to the game from the Kentucky Derby and didn't realize he might have a no-hitter going until the announcers mentioned he retired the first 22 batters before giving up a walk. The final out was also No.1 on ESPN's Top Ten plays.
  2. Baseball is up to six players arrested for DUI this season. How soon will it be before they need a code of conduct policy?
  3. Farmiongton, Connecticut - A 21 year old man calls 911 to ask if his pot plant is illegal. When asked about his location, he said he'd rather not say. When asked if there was a crime in progress, he replied, possibly. It turns out he did it to make his mother angry.
  4. Detroit has now won three straight.
  5. Barkley's misadventure with his golf club made No. 1 on ESPN's Not Top Ten plays.
  6. It's just that ESPN thinks Rodriguez's attitude toward the alumni played a role or maybe the final straw.
  7. During a Pro-am golf tournament, NBA commentator Charles Barkley takes a bad swing at the ball and breaks the clubhead of his driver. Playing partner Fuzzey Zoeller picks up the clubhead and shows it to Barkley and they both had a good laugh.
  8. It turns out Rich Rodriguez's downfall was he thumbed his nose at the alumni, essentially not allowing former players to attend spring practice.
  9. The final out was No.2 on ESPN's Top Ten plays.
  10. Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell received a two week suspension for homophobic slurs and threatening a fan with a baseball bat in front of his two sons and saying children don't belong at the ballpark. The fan in question appeared on ESPN's "Outside the Lines" saying McDowell should be banned from baseball in view of the fact players get 50 game suspensions for steroids.
  11. Ohio State's Dorian Bell has been suspended for the upcoming season for what sources say is a third violation of the school's drug and alcohol policy and didn't make the trip for the Sugar Bowl. This on the heels of five players, including starting quarterback Terrel Pryor, and Coach Jim Tressel getting five games for exchanging memorabilia for tattoos. Tressel for not reporting the violations. Could this have gone on the "Good Laugh" thread? It does depend on your point of view.
  12. Detroit has now lost seven straight.
  13. Another blown lead by the pitching staff. The bullpen's even worse than I thought.
  14. From the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay series. A Penguins play was awarded a penalty shot and as he skated in Roloson, he overskated the puck. His goofup was No. 5 on ESPN's Not Top Ten plays.
  15. Given the fact he may have gotten two concussions, no one will ever know, and his latest setback, retirement is a real possibility.
  16. Miami against Boston. I know somebody out there is rooting for Boston in this one.
  17. Detroit blows leads of 3-0 and 5-2. Cleveland ties it 5-5 in the seventh on a two run homer after Leyland decided to leave Schwerzer in. I'll bet Leyland regretted that decision. Carlos Santana won it in the ninth for Cleveland with a walkoff grand slam home run.
  18. Atlanta Braves pitcher Derek Lowe gets arrested for DUI while racing another car. This comes on the heels of pitching coach Roger McDowell yelling homophobic slurs at the crowd. Maybe they're trying to catch with the NBA and the NFL in terms of court appearances.
  19. Man in a cowsuit steals milk from a Virginia Walmart. He then crawls out of the store emulating cattle and passes the milk jugs to passersby.
  20. Miami advances to the second round. Do they go any further.
  21. Tonight: The NFL draft begins. Does Cam Newton get taken first with the character issues he has?
  22. Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth seems to have trouble keeping his hands to himself. He's still facing charges from a road rage incident in December. I wonder if he'll be playing any more football.
  23. South Carolina if I'm correct. A home invasion suspect leaves a tshirt with a mugshot of himself at the scene of the crime.
  24. No.1 on ESPN's Not Top Ten plays: During a victory parade in Spain, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos drops the Copa del Rey Tropy from atop the team bus. The bus ran over the trophy shattering it into ten pieces. Real Madrid had defeated Barcelona 1-0 in Valencia for the trophy. The video already is no longer available on the ESPN SportsCenter site.
  25. Now there's a report out that Lacourt took out a loan so the Dodgers could make payroll and he's suing Major League Baseball. What will be his next problem?
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