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  1. Maybe a little more insurance in case Markov goes down again?
  2. Pittsburgh Steeelers's linebacker James Harrison in a Twitter post called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a crook and a devil. He also used an anti-gay, called him stupid, a puppet, and a dictator. Harrison also took time out to call his teammate, running back Rashaad Mendenhall a fumble machine (I may have his first name wrong) and Ben Roethlesberger only gets paid like Peyton Manning.
  3. Tomorrow night, the regular season resumes.
  4. Hines Ward continues to deny any guilt despite registering a reported .128% alcohol, 1 1/2 times above the legal limit in Georgia. According to an afternoon DJ, teammate Ben Roethlesbeger will be a character witness for Ward. That would be a laugh in itself considering he himself has twice faced ***** accusations.
  5. Tonight is baseball's annual All-Star game. I doubt if anyone else will be watching.
  6. It turn out Pacman Jones was also arrested Saturday morning at around 2:00 A.M. (if I heard correctly) for being drunk and disorderly at a Cincinnati bar (where else?). I wonder if he is done. I also wonder if NFL players are the most frequently arrested pro athletes.
  7. Jeter is also the second player to reach the 3,000 milestone with a five hit game.
  8. Derek Jeter became the 28th player to reach 3,000 hits and the second to reach the milestone with a home run. Wade Boggs is the other.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was arrested in Decatur, Georgia on DUI at 3:41 A.M. this morning and was released on $1,300 bond.
  10. A correction: According to NBC's Today Show, the boy is six years old.
  11. Strongsville, Ohio - Banana attacks gorilla. It was a prankster in a banana suit attacked a cell phone store's gorilla mascot apparently while to promote a sale on cell phones. The banana slipped away and as of this morning, was still on the loose.
  12. Lehigh Acres, Florida - A police officer catches a suspect wanted for domestic battery while driving a golf cart for 1.8 miles. The suspect was fleeing on foot and made the mistake of stopping to rest. He was also taken in for resisting arrest.
  13. Worse yet, it was in front of his nine year old son.
  14. Scherzer won his 10th game last night.
  15. Don't they think that move will only backfire?
  16. Scherzer is having a good year at 9-4 - the last time I checked.
  17. Ohio's state capitol building is adding a bar. About the only is surprise would be if this hasn't happened elsewhere. They are banning guns - for now.
  18. He could have taken lessons from the Cirque de Soleil performer who did a 2 and a half gainer on the mound and then threw a perfect strike over the inside corner. For a few days, he was ESPN's Best of the Best.
  19. The state of Detroit's pitching staff - after Verlander, there's a dropoff.
  20. How often do you hear of someone calling 9-1-1 because the restaurant got her order of Chinese food mixed up?
  21. Dirk Nowitzki getting No. 5 on ESPN's Not Top Ten for a ceremonial first pitch which sailed over the catcher's head. That's a laugh when realize there have been far worse ceremonial first pitches before a ballgame.
  22. Left fielder Casper Wells grabs foul fly ball away from fans and throws runner out at home plate trying to score after the catch. No. 1 on ESPN's Top Ten Plays. Unfortunately, they lost to San Francisco 4-3 when their ninth inning rally was cut short by a game ending double play.
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