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  1. Not sure exactly why he did it, but I am sure it was hilarious.
  2. Neither do I Jed, but at least it would be less of a wrong move than actually using those lines in a game. Pretty sad when our best case scenario is hoping our coach is only making a kind of bad decision.
  3. I personally think this was just a shake-up at practice. (just posted the same in the Martin thread).
  4. Dirty? Yes. Worthy of suspension/review? No IMO. The major was enough.
  5. Probably. Unless by some miracle Carey plays against Buffalo and doesn't have to face 40+ shots.
  6. It also depends if you want to look at other natural centers we have playing wing. Keep in mind Cammy and Pouliot are both natural centers. I think we're better equipped to deal with an injury to a top 6 center than we have been in years. Losing someone like Pleks would be a disaster; but more because he is our best player rather than a lack of depth at center IMO.
  7. At the very least, he's doing enough to earn a longer look at whether he should stay in the top 6. And he sneakily put up two assists in his first 2 games.
  8. I don't know; I kind of like the idea of watching Price battle it out against Miller on the road.
  9. That would be my guess. Although if Carey is on a roll (knock on wood), he may get both games considering it is still early in the season. I think Carey definately gets Friday night though.
  10. Missed most of tonight's game, but AK has had a better camp than Pouliot before tonight IMO.
  11. Yes, he only has to clear on re-entry.
  12. Would have to be 3rd line center with Eller taking his spot in the top 6. We definately have a lot of options this year, if nothing else. I just hope it doesn't take too long to figure out what works best.
  13. He needs to not get hurt. Every time the poor guy starts to show promise his development gets de-railed by an injury.
  14. It is a shame, but at the same time if he would have looked ready at the end of last year we might no have signed one of those guys and kept a spot for him. If he gets back on track in Hamilton, I'm sure he'll get an opportunity as a call-up.
  15. I thought he had solid game, not a break-out game or anything, but doing some good things he wasn't doing last year. (Using his body, driving towards the net instead of pulling up or going east west every time) I would call it a step in the right direction.
  16. Picked up where he left off in last year's playoffs
  17. I don't think the kid will ever be top 6, but I think he definately has more offensive upside than we give him credit for. In his time with the Dogs last year, he threw up 35 pts in 41 games. Not too shabby for a defensive player.
  18. I'm really pulling for this kid to succeed. He has so much of what we need in our top 6.
  19. It's a fine idea, but could this create confusion with a certain assistant coach?
  20. Best case scenario he could become a lesser version of Alex Burrows, though it's probably a long shot.
  21. He's still restricted though and he isn't going to get an offer sheet; so if he thinks he's being low-balled, all he can hope for is a better deal in arbitration. I don't think it will come to that though as he seems to love playing in Montreal and it isn't like he can walk away and sign with another team without our consent.
  22. Terrible penalty, but no one feels worse about it then he does. Extremely rare occurence for an otherwise professional/discipline player.
  23. Our forum members get their wish! Chips in for Guillaume tonight. Unlike Carbo, Martin obviously reads the message boards.
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