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  1. You may well be right BCH but I dont think its the right move.

    Neither do I Jed, but at least it would be less of a wrong move than actually using those lines in a game. Pretty sad when our best case scenario is hoping our coach is only making a kind of bad decision. :rolleyes:

  2. I can agree with some of what you're saying, but not all. I'm not sure how the Staal comparison comes into play concerning Eller. Two different players, two different teams, two different supporting rosters. Eller has exactly nine games of NHL experience and only two points to show for it. Jordan Staal is only one year older and already has four successful seasons of hockey under his belt, including a forty-two point rookie season. Eller has shown some good play through two games with Montreal, but I cannot believe (at this point) that he's going to look good all season long. He may falter and have a terrible year.

    I agree that our overall competency at the center position is looking okay. However, we still lack a number one line center. We have Plekanec, but he's also another player with something still to prove after a disappointing 2008-2009 season. He bounced back awesomely last year, but needs to show that same consistency over the next few seasons to really solidify himself as a top line guy. Gomez... <_< Well, I don't feel very good about Gomez. Halpern adds to that general betterment of the bottom-six, but when it comes to the bottom-six, I'm not too concerned. As long as you're a decent face-off man and know your assignment, what else really matters? No one you have named in the bottom-six is going to contribute enough points to make or break our season. The question is, can someone step up if one of our top-two goes down with an injury? I say no.

    It also depends if you want to look at other natural centers we have playing wing. Keep in mind Cammy and Pouliot are both natural centers. I think we're better equipped to deal with an injury to a top 6 center than we have been in years.

    Losing someone like Pleks would be a disaster; but more because he is our best player rather than a lack of depth at center IMO.

  3. Benoit Pouliot was playing a good solid hockey game tonight, I wish I could say the same for AK. I think that if AK doesn't act like he cares the Habs could go for another prospect of Nashville Zach Budish and send AK to join SK. Zach Budish and a second round pick for 2011 draft for Andrei Kostitsyn, this would be a good trade for everybody involved.Pouliot looks good and ready to go.

    Missed most of tonight's game, but AK has had a better camp than Pouliot before tonight IMO.

  4. True, true. ;) I was a huge critic of Max last season, but his play-off performance exceeded expectations, IMO. I have mentioned before that, if given the opportunity, he may have the size and hands to make a home for himself in front of the net on the powerplay. We've been lacking a consistent net presence for years... Maybe Max has it in him.

    Best case scenario he could become a lesser version of Alex Burrows, though it's probably a long shot.

  5. I think it depends on which sample you are looking at. NHL capabable agitators go for a premium. Regardless of how willing we are to pay for that role, it is an expensive one now.

    Look at the $'s comparables (Ott, Niel, Ruutu etc) earn. They are all in the 2-3M range. Cooke signed 'cheap' and I believe he was ~1.8M/yr.

    You know that these are the comparables that Maxim's agent is bringing to the table, and he may not be that far off. He IS our Niel/Ott etc. Whether or not managment believes he is on the same level and as deserving as them is a seperate question. However, i can't see him sticking around with low-ball offers when he knows that some teams are willing to open the cheque books to sign similar 10-20G, agitator types to very lucrative contracts.

    He's still restricted though and he isn't going to get an offer sheet; so if he thinks he's being low-balled, all he can hope for is a better deal in arbitration. I don't think it will come to that though as he seems to love playing in Montreal and it isn't like he can walk away and sign with another team without our consent.

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