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  1. We'll have to take the good with the bad. It's funny, when I heard he was poor defensively I thought he'd get beat all the time by guys rushing into the zone, but he's actually decent in these one on one situations because he is a great skater and has an active stick. The "defensive" issues seem to be poor decisions with puck in our zone, especially when pressured.

  2. Glad to see these last few posts. I was quite surprised by all the negativity towards this guy as I thought he had fairly strong game last night. He played a key role in our successful PK's and was making solid defensive plays and look solid in the ofensive zone in the limited opportunities he got.

    His first couple games did not look good but he was comming in cold. I think he has steadily improved every game since then with the most significant increase in level of play comming last night. I would idealy like to see stay on as a winger on that fourth line when/if Metro suits up tomorrow.

  3. I'm cutting him some slack since he did not get a preseason and has played 0 hockey games since that debacle in Vancouver. If he continues to improve over the next couple games I wouldn't mind seeing him stay on in Stewart's spot for a while when Metro returns. Either he or Metro can play center depending on who is more effective. (Face off % obviously being a key factor).

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