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  1. When you let your captain and all your assistant captains go at the same time(could be a first in NHL history), it leaves a bit of a leadership vacuum, don't you think?

    Montreal was already a team lacking in character and leadership, and now we have rid ourselves of what precious little we did possess.

    We are now officially the most spineless, leaderless and rudderless team in the league.

    Personally, I don't think anyone on the current roster wants the job.

    They'll probably have to draw straws, with the loser having to don the "C".

    Or maybe they'll move it around regularly, so as not to unnecessarily punish any one player more than the others.

    PS: Please don't remove Komisarek's name from the candidate's list.

    I can't vote for him (AGAIN) as I have already cast my ballot, but I'd love to see some more votes for the Komikazee.

    Go Mikey!

    We suck.

    so this means you wont be hangin around to watch the season, or are you like others and find every negative you can possibly dig up on the team, bi!#h and complain then if the team starts doin well then your back on the bandwagon, i know your kind.

    And please, Komisarek dude, lets not act like we just let our ace in the hole, our future, our only hope go, Bob Gainey tried to sign him he said no and went to Toronto, lets forget about him, move on, he really wasnt what he is hyped up to be, he will do good in toronto when he lines up with four other goons(+Kaberle) on thier blueline, I admit, they will have an intimidating defense but he doesnt quite fit into our plans, so see ya next season Mike, then maybe in the playoffs 2 years from now, Hal Gill will fit in just fine

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