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  1. I have to say, while the officiating was terrible tonight, I have just come to expect that. There have been contraversies everywhere, like the hybrid icing calls around the league right now, or the bad offside calls. I wouldn't be so upset about all of this if the refs could be more consistent with the way they call things. The Briere cross-check is a perfect example of what I mean. Out of all the scrums over the last few games that I've watched, that has definitely been the worst penalty call that I've seen. While he did cross-check the Tampa player, and while that IS in fact a penalty, the refs are calling these scrum penalties very inconsistently. It drives me crazy.
  2. I was definitely one of those people. I'm pretty excited to see him back.
  3. IF i manage to get the tickets im trying to get for the feb. 12th game against the Laffs, i'm gonna definitely post em up here.
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