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  1. I am supporting this team by withholding financial support to force out MB. Besides with all the cap room and new VIP seating ($19k a pop with a minimum of 4 tickets for one game). Seems like ownership thinks all is well and the fans will come no matter how bad the team is managed. It’s not on the players. They do their best but MB has no vision! No plan, no idea what he’s doing.
  2. We are going to cleanup in the 3rd, 4th, and 7th round. We will have the best 4th line and career minor league players in the nhl.
  3. LookEvens is a good Ruth line center. At 23 he took time to develop. Having said that AHL hockey ain’t the nhl. Let’s see what the rest of the season will bring for that guy. But in reality, it’s too little, to late. I wouldn’t be surprised if Evans isn’t hab come off-season trading. We need to get something for Weber and Price while they still have value. We don’t have a good backup because Price plays too many games. Weber is injured. He should sit out the remainder of the season and should be traded in the off season. having said all of that the habs are projected to have something like $14M in cap space next year. I can’t wait to see what other bonehead contract offers MB makes. Weber is too old. If we are going younger then let’s pull the trigger and the “reset” over with already. Sticking pat with a core of players that can’t make the playoffs? WTF? Drouin is a bust. He has diminished since coming here. We need to get something for him before MB works his magic and Drouin’s value diminishes even more. As for the other “core” players, none should be secure. They need to play for a spot on the roster next season. Patrick Roy as President would be a master stroke by Molson. So you know that’s not going to happen. Ahh to dream a little dream. I have already made my intentions clear. I will not financially support this team until MB is gone and we have an actual President that knows hockey.
  4. Might as well sit PRice and Weber out for the remainder of the season. gives some of our "prospects" a chance to play. Because, you know, its always a good thing to expose new players to losing teams.
  5. The problem is not just just Bergevin. Molson is not a hockey guy. He is focused on his EVENKO (what a stupid name) "entertainment empire" We need a new president. A hockey guy who knows what it takes to win championships. Someone who won't bite on the 1-8 year "reset" apple being offered up by Bergevin. To many bad deals. To many bad descisions. Too few good moves. To much "tinkering" a president of the habs that knows hockey. knows other presidents of other teams. Who can step in when needed to course correct. These are the things we are missing. Remember who Bergevin worked for on Chicago. He has free reign here compared. And he obviously doesn't know what to do with it. He miss treats players so not many want to come here because of him. He seems to like to watch the waiver wires. We have lots of cap space but he won't go and get the players we need. The Aho debacle shows us that all Bergevin wants is attention. All these draft picks this year for a draft pool that is projected to be good in the first round and drop off dramatically after that. And we are loaded with picks after the first round. So we are going to suck for years to come. And you know that management doesn't read these posts. Lots of good ideas. Lots of concerns. None of which matter to the front office.
  6. I bet Lafreniere would pull an Eric Lindros and refuse to play here.
  7. Any where. He can get a rink deal with no property taxes. The Habs make most of their money in the playoffs. That’s probably why they won’t go to the team salary cap. I wonder how many free agents next year will stay here. If I’m price I demand a trade. are the teams required to spend a minimum? let’s do a poll.Where could the habs move to? Cincinnati Austin Cleveland Houston Hartford Portland San Diego
  8. MB is using draft picks (a crap shoot at best) to get players because no good players want to come here and deal with that douchebag. somebody show me I’m wrong.
  9. What I find really sad is that MB won’t fix the problems he has caused. Drouin is playing like he doesn’t want to be here. Weber is the same. His interview after the Detroit game speaks volumes. All our griping, trade suggestions, picks, etc. none of it matters to MB. The only thing he cares about is sucking Molson’s D8+’. Nobody wants to come to MTL because of MB and his reputation for mistreating his players. I’m tired of it. Another year missing the playoffs and no progress to show for it. Suzuki makes the team and KK is sent down. Net outcome zero progress. Trade away Scandella for drafts picks. Ooooo so impressive. As always play around the edges. The only way this turns around is Molson fires MB and steps away from the day to day of the Habs and hire a president ( a hockey guy) and let that person actually fix the team. Like the Tampa bay lightning with Steve Yzerman. He has setup TB for years to come before going to Detroit. Watch in a year or two how much the wings improve. Molson thinks $1 off of hotdogs is what the fans really want. They don’t read these forums. They don’t respond or feel like they need to explain themselves. This storied franchise is being degraded. Perhaps Molson is doing this on purpose so he can move the team to the US.
  10. All the posts here are great and show a real interest in making the Habs better. ONE BIG PROBLEM. We are talking about MB the master of the waiver wire fisherman. I think MB puts more thought in the clothes he wears than the team he is managing. We had a good D corps but we needed scoring and centermen. Now we have too many centermen and we need D-men. So MB trades a solid 34 D-man in Scandella, for what picks? I thinks he is doing this because the draft will be in MTL next year and he wants more TV time. Picks are great but they are a lottery. We have made a bunch of picks that have not worked out. The trades MB has made like Drouin he won't fix. Drouin is a great player but can't handle the pressure of playing in the MTL market. That is why he is so unpredictable in his play. Weber is a great player who is getting old and is now injury prone and slow and too expensive. Price needs to go to a team that can actually give him a chance to win a cup. He deserves that at least. But know MB he would trade Price to Ottawa for sticks and pucks. Trading Pety when we need him is a bad idea. Trading Tatar is also a bad idea. Our market is a tough one. our prospect need more time so they don't flame out like KK. Anyway this is all moot. MB will be MB and make more Boneheaded MB moves. All we can do is watch and cry into our habs jerseys and hope Molson sells the team to someone who cares.
  11. My son is at school in TN so as a habs fan being born and raised in MTL. i bought tickets for the april game against the preds. I now live in Atlanta. Its a 4 hour drive to Nashville. I have been buying tickets to that game and driving to Nashville for the last 3 years. What a waste of money! I will no longer support this team financially in any way. Be it tickets, swag, or anything else. I am fed up with MB mediocrity. Is he cleaning house or isnt he? Is he just tweaking or isnt he? He dumps Scandella but keeps Weber? If he is in dumping mode dump the old and injury prone Weber. Weber has shown that he is quite disposable. Dump drouin too for that matter. Clean house. Do it like you mean it. To lose all 4 meetings with detroit a team that is actually rebuilding just proves that MB is just guessing at this. This team needs an owner who is committed to winning. Molson is preoccupied with building his "entertainment empire". He is perfecrly happy with the habs rebuilding for the next 1-8 years as he said at the beginning of the season. Seems we will be stuck with this sub par team for the forseeable future. I am sick and tired of the crap that is being served up as the MTL Habs. This storied franchise has become the laughing stock of this league. MB now thinks he knows how to rebuild. Getting a million draft picks is no guarantee of success. He may have ruined KK by playing him too soon and burning the kid out. If Price ever wants to win a cup he should demand a trade. As it stands now the Habs are less likely to win a cup in the next 5 years than Seattle.
  12. Remember Molson said we are in a new rebuilding phase. 1-8 years. He is more concerned about his Entertainment Group than the actual team! Fire the GM, and Coach. Get a good coach - Remember Gainey didn't speak french but he learned so a french speaking coach is secondary to a good coach that knows the modern game. And for god sake trade Weber before he needs a walker to help him play. For his ever growing salary and ever diminishing playing. I know he has a good slapshot. But forwards blow by him all the time. He is too slow. We need good defensive d-men. We have forwards that can score we need defenders to shutdown the other teams. And Drouin and Byron out with injuries is NO excuse for our lousy play. We has tons of cap space - I guess Molson is using it to grow his Entertainment Group empire (idiot). He thinks fans will keep coming to watch a team lose like this?! After blowing a 4-0 lead against NY a conference rival and now Boston 8-1. Its time to make some changes before its too late. PEople always say calm down its just a few games - its been 5 since a win. Last year we missed the playoffs because we took a similar dip at the same time. So it looks like another 7 years of Building a team. what that means I don't think even Molson knows. God this is sad and depressing. It's gonna be a loooong winter fellas.
  13. gally has 2 points domi has 7 mins and discipline hearing coming. The best $3M that money can buy.And oh look they puyt him at center after trading away a good young center. Tonight's game didn't show a bad trade - it just confirmed it.
  14. MB will keep the blinders on Molson by 1) Keeping a lot of room on salary CAP to overcome lower ticket sales. 2) Move any foolish spectators in the Bell center over to the side the cameras shoot on so the arena looks like it has more seats sold
  15. The comments I see here show me that none of you buy tickets to games. WHO? and I mean WHO is going to pay some of the highest prices for tickets in the NHL to watch a team that couldn't compete in the minors? With Max gone we lose more goal scoring so it is obvious that either MB is doing this on purpose so that Molson can sell the team (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sell the team, you have done enough damage). Last year you could see the empty seats (of course HABS TV won't show you that). This year I bet you couldn't give away the tickets. I won't be spending any money for this "team". It appears that the move to the Bell center has not done anything but line Molson's pockets. This trade frees up more cap space in that they won't have to negotiate with Max for a new deal that will see him get at least $6M a season. Price is a good goalie (best years are behind him), but he can't score any goals, so even if he spins on his head MTL will be in the basement again this year. No NHL Center Ice for me, and NO trips to the Bell center either. NOT WORTH my time or my money.
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