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  1. Van just slapped the Laffs if our team thinks this is going to be easy we will get burnt. this is where we will see if we have a good coach! I often felt we were not prepped for these types of games with CJ.
  2. This is exactly what I mean, we came off of a bad stretch lose the coach goalie issues no scoring D pairings in question if you come in and blow it all up it may blow up in your face! if like some suggested Douche was one who wanted a more open style of play that is one reason to think he could see some of the old setup working with the more open system. first change was the system then poof goalie coach not sure what went on there but it seems to have helped so far and the team has responded they started playing better right away and after a couple of games the scoring started to come around
  3. Time will tell but this kid has the hands and we have some better centers right now to pass to him with our more forward thinking coaching I think this kid will fir right in. he has grown into each level he has played at and he seems to have the fire to get it done I am pretty pumped to see him here same as I was for Suzuki we have done some good drafting recently.
  4. Yeah I have to agree here not sure why someone would see Chiarot as having a good year he looks pretty lost out there. I am fairly sure the coaching staff will make some adjustments they seem to be working on the forward group first perhaps they want to do it that way rather than throw it all in the blender right away. time will tell.
  5. This guy is one that I am very excited to see play with us. if he can keep developing like he has he will be a great scoring winger for us!
  6. I personally think his biggest issue right now is his partner, Bobby Orr would have a tough time playing with Chiarot this season. not to sure what is up with Big Ben but he sure does look lost out there. it is no great surprise that Webber is slowing down age is what it is we all see it.
  7. Perhaps one day we will find out. till then pretty much a moot point.
  8. Yes of course ...not meaning to rehash......
  9. You may be surprised to see what other teams think of Webbers value.
  10. For this I will refer you to Habsisme's post here about Webbers contract.
  11. I think it depends on if you had an axe to grind with the Webber trade from the start. I like Subban and I like Webber they are not the same kind of person or player both have been top tier Dmen neither one is now. one is a player teams get and want to keep the other one seems to be on the move from time to time. the stats they have have as much to do with the team they play on the partner they are with and how good the goalies have been. I suppose if someone was to have hated the trade since the start they would still hate it. As for myself I think it is a wash we were not winning with PK and
  12. Toffoli KK and Josh is kind of cool! i want to see that line roll!
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