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  1. Right now i just don't think any moves will happen, sure if some GM is giving away a real top end player we may bite but i just don'r see MB selling.
  2. I think you are 100% on the money.
  3. Every game is a must win right now but this one feels like more than that, i think it may be the tipping point one way or the other for trades over the break.
  4. Kovy two more goals what a score he was! KK i think he just got frustrated and blew up that may be a turning point for him, now he may play with a bit of a chip and fall down less. Price is on a roll too. i like Kovy with Tater and Dano when Gally gets back i could see him with Suzuki and perhaps Domi on the left. KK with Leky and Armia should be really good as Leky has really got the bit between his teeth lately. As for a fourth line we have lots of folks for that. that is a solid forward group, too bad we had so many key guy's out it sank us! the D is starting to come together we still are missing that key LHD to make the team complete though.
  5. i hate that idea. it would be a constant media circus.
  6. That is all just silly. of course he would listen to an offer he is just making it clear there are no cheap sellout deals to be had. if he does not even listen.....you have to wonder if his head is screwed on right.
  7. I have no issue with KK in fact i see him improving quite a bit in the last couple of games. he looked lost for a bit this year but he is still a kid and i will agree he has not had the best linemates most of this year i have no use for Weal at all and cousins is a spare in my eyes he is ok but we have better players than him for sure!
  8. What a great game. that hit on Lucic! Price gets a shutout and the team was skating again! it is a shame we had so many injuries this year but it does give some guy's a chance to show what they do or do not have. Kovy played well again not much bad to say about this one.
  9. Should be interesting tonight, the monkey is off but still in the room!
  10. Yeah he has some value i think, it really does seem he is still in good enough shape to make it in this league. His shooting and hockey iq seem fine and he is far from slow.
  11. I agree the kid is very good at what he does it is not his fault that the line he is on is pretty much our #1 on many teams it would be an awesome #2 line. the day Danno is our #3 center we will be a contender
  12. He has surprised me too. too bad he got hear to late he would have been great in 2010 or even to start the year....
  13. I agree with most of this Webber of course will not be moving unless there is a new GM.
  14. I agree it would be good to get somenoe on the ground now to get the team moving in the right direction with a new system