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  1. I have to agree here he would be a great bridge player to get some depth on the right side.
  2. i would keep Kulak as well he was really good in the playoffs one would hope he turned a corner! for me the odd man out is Mete he is too small he get knocked off the puck to easy. i like him but he will never be more than he is.
  3. To me this is not going to help or hurt us we are getting some more size but we will most likely lose Kulak's compartive speed. Chiarot did not lose us the shot to advance we were not blown out in the games we played. our problem was we did not score enough Carey was great and until the last two games our D held it's own we were shut out a couple of times and only had one strong offensive game in either series. that said i can't see how this new guy is going to help us score! imagine how much less pressure there is on the goalie and the D when you have a couple of goals to take the heat off!
  4. I have to agree here, as long as we get a better first pairing option this move will be ok not great but ok.
  5. I heay ya but he is going to need a new contract he already made his comments about not wanting to take on a more defensive role the kids are cheaper and have a higher ceiling. i have no worries about KK at all he had a sophmore slump at 18-19 he is still a kid and he was strong in the playoffs no worries at all on my end same as i had no worries about Suzuki when others here did. we have been making due for so long at center it is time to go for it with the actual talent we have now.
  6. I think that is a fair review of Domi and his place with the Habs we suddenly have depth at his position and not so much elsewhere......
  7. As for Dano if he is our #1 center we are nowhere. ask yourself this on any team that can really contend where does he play? not on the first line for sure the second? possible but not likely on a good team he is on the third line. if we don't run with the kids to see what we have we will continue to fail as we have for a couple of decades now! Suzuki has proven he can play both ways all season long. KK came back and showed he could raise his game to a new level. Dano is a player that has shown us all he has he is not suddenly going to turn into a premier #1 center now. but if folks want to continue to tread water....... i would much rather go for it and see where the chips fall, we did that in the playoffs and we looked much better we just need a shooter or two. we have a good backup for next year it is time to go.
  8. I am fine with Drouin playing with Suzuki if he earns it. my problem with Drouin is he is off and on we don't need that version of him.
  9. I am fine with Drouin playing with Suzuki if he earns it. my problem with Drouin is he is off and on we don't need that version of him.
  10. Yep, although as i have never heard of him i am going look him up and try to see what he brings.
  11. It's clear to me. time to move on from playing a third line center as a 1 or a 2. the kids need to play in the right chair if we want to see what they can do no point treading water anymore they showed us in the playoffs they can do it so lets do it. we need to build around what they need to get the job done and not worry about what we already have that has never taken us to the next level. Gally and Tater will be fine with Suzuki they just need a bit of time to gel. KK needs some better wingers too if we want him to produce we need a good two way center as a third if Dano does not want to do that then bye bye they are not as hard to find as high end talent centers we have proven that here for many many years! if Domi can't make it as a winger here he should go too he and Dano make good trade chips. i really think we should move on from them and perhaps sign Hall with some of that money. this is going to be an interesting off season.
  12. honestly have never heard of him.
  13. Dude! it's Joel! come on!
  14. Yeah for me at this time Suzuki is untouchable. i feel like KK should also be untouchable. we have our #1 and #2 centers finally! build around them up front. as far as #3 and 4 go we can figure that out if Dano does not want to play ball as time goes on we can move him same goes for Domi centers 3-4 are a lot less trouble to find. we need scoring wingers and an RHD in the short term and we will have to see about RHD in the near future as well. but for now we could cash in Domi and or perhaps Dano for a good winger and or a LHD with some throw in's. or we could sign Hall the trade either Domi and Dano or one or the other to get the LHD. if these things happen we will be a much more competetive team for sure!
  15. Overall i like this deal on ice at least, i think it solves the back up problem. now we need to get some scoring on the wings and in a perfect world a stud LHD. after the playoffs we just had i think our biggest issue was goal scoring we don't have enough scoring punch and i am not sure if that is a bigger issue than the D at the moment. we don't know how Romanov is going to do and i am sure we are going to start the year with Chiarot Kulak and Romanov down the left side Webber Petry and one of our young Dmen down the right. at center we are set then when you look at the wings it gets a bit sketchy, Gally should be on the second line as should Tatar Drouin has first line talent but you never know which one will show up! Caufield is a shooter but he is a kid we don't know what he will do until we see it. Armia is a tank but an offensive dud most nights Leks is about the same Byron can score and is fast as the wind but he has been hurt a lot lately. other than that we don't really have anyone i think of as a scoring threat! now i say all this thinking Domi is not going to be here because i don't see him as a fourth line center and CJ sees him as a center and there is no way he takes the place of Suzuki KK or Dano, so.....methinks he will be hitting the road. i am pretty sure there will be a trade including Domi perhaps a pick and one of our prospects for someone, it should be an interesting off season.