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  1. Yep we got screwed. even if we go a couple of rounds...we have to either lose in the first and get a lucky draw or we would have to somehow win the cup for this season not to be a total loss! at least that is how it looks to me!
  2. You really do seem stuck on the past......it is not always an indicator of the player himself.
  3. I agree a player of his level you always check at the very least. you never know who had a burning desire to be a hab!
  4. if this stupid end to the season does happen i will be interested to see how Suzuki responds to a bit of rest. i still have high hopes for him he looks like a real good long term player i am looking forward to his progress.
  5. Never heard of Jack....
  6. i hope it is just Bettman, i hate that guy.
  7. This plan is stupid!
  8. I doubt that, we are so soft on that side he would have to be totally lost to end up down there.
  9. I was kind of thinking the same thing, he would be good to have around for the kid as he get used to life on this side of the pond.
  10. yeah good news, at least we know he will be part of the team which allows us to keep looking at other options.
  11. You about done cherry picking old posts? no? go ahead try something new.....
  12. Yeah i am kind of floored by the contract he got! he was a third pairing guy at best for me! and if nothing else MB is the king of flipping a nickel for a dime!
  13. Glad he retired. he was a great Dman! we could have used him for another year or two.......
  14. 10-4
  15. all due respect did you see the date of that post? things could have been done to make the changes i mentioned.