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  1. We could send them a real solid veteran i hear that Karl Alzner guy is ready to go.
  2. You were saying.... really though no one saw that coming! i put it on the coach no excuse to fail that badly with that team!
  3. I hate Cooper, it is a good night!
  4. Yeah....there may be some changes there next year they held on to the core too long without enough young blood.
  5. We should not do this. i like Mete but he is too small in my opinion for first pairing duties i love his speed and he has pretty good vision but the the teams all enter on his side when he is on the ice and there is a reason for that.
  6. I am in no way suggesting we keep Niemi! my point is in the offseason we should have no problem finding a fair backup with some games in the NHL i am also fairly ok using either Lindgren and or McNiven as long as there is someone to back all that up if they don't work out and Carey gets hurt. no point throwing away another season because we are short in an area that is fairly easy to fill.
  7. I agree for a small cap hit we can pick up a dependable goalie no big time star but not a dumpster fire either. if we are going to be serious we can''t take a chance with unproven netminders.
  8. Subban better than Josi.....ok.
  9. I agree with all of this just because we needed this or that this season we can make some real changes this off season that could improve the look of the team quite a bit othe that just getting an LHD and a sniper we could really take a big jump with the right signings and or trades.
  10. Yes please.
  11. Yes best in decades! a little help at first pairing LHD and perhaps a power play shooter and we will be good.
  12. Actually i think we had a very good year on ice we are in by far the strongest conference we started the year with big question marks at every position Webber was not even here for a long stretch we started with a bunch of new players a rookie center and the same core that sucked the year before. the team played great for the most part even with only two real NHL D men with any experience. One could argue that with Webber from the start we would have made the playoffs not sure why you have this hate on for one of the very good D men in the game today? you have been on him since the trade what gives?
  13. Sorry just don't see it that way and there are far too many variables to say it is quantifiable and it is far from idiotic there are many in the hockey world who feel it is a wash i personally believe we would be better served by Subban's style of play right now for sure but there is more to it than just the #'s as has been mentioned many times. i will wait a couple of more years to see how it all pans out before i call it one way or another, my fear for Subban is he is more interested in his life outside of hockey than hockey itself.
  14. Sorry, was Subban a first pairing dman this year and has he not been hurt in three of the last 4 years......and to compare our team with Nashville since we got Webber is a real stretch! if we had the rest of Nashville's Dcorps we would have gone a lot further too! Webber is older and yes slower but this endless ranting about the guy is silly we would not have won a whole bunch more or perhaps at all with Subban as he still would of had no true top partner to play with and our offence would still have been the same and he would have had the same coaches Webber had. now Webber probably would have had better years if he had stayed in Nashville don't you think? i find it comical that Webber is viewed as a failure or somehow sub standard because our team has done poorly but Subban is held as some super hero on the blue line because his team has done well. here i thought it was a team game. lets see how next year plays out for the old man as he will at least start the year with the club.
  15. wonder if we will be making any trades this off season to get more picks, we will be pretty stout by our standards at center really soon!