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  1. Right now we are in good shape. we had a solid comeback year where we saw some players develop and some good trades. we are finally solid at center not super star solid but quite good. Price played much better and we had some players step up on D. we have some weak spots on special teams but this off season should help that out. our main weak points remain first pairing LHD and a very solid backup goalie not some guy in development but a real deal guy we can count on!. we have i think 10 draft picks and plenty of quality forwards we could package to fix things so lets see what our glorious leadership group come up with in the next week or two........if they mange to get this right we could be a dead solid team this year.
  2. Many people felt that draft was the start of the slow decline in MTL.
  3. Yeah i would not trade Dano he is not a flashy player but rock solid at what he does. once he is our 3rd line center we will be in very good shape.
  4. in general i agree with the size argument but i have seen Gallagher make Chara look like a fool more than once. Domi was one of the few players who could enter the zone with speed regularly last year he had one fairly short flat spot on the year and generally made good hockey plays. for my money we got full value on what size he had. the kids are going to need a bit of time to get ahead of him size or not.
  5. I agree with all of this 100% i look at the depth of our lineup right now and what could be available and this is the best position we have been in in decades in my opinion. even before the PK Webber trade we were not as well rounded as we are now and there is more high end talent that could be within reach as we have cap space a good core and some star vets who could help bring an elite player here. this is the time to go for it or the stars will be to old and the younger players will be looking to cash out.
  6. Looks like MB lucked out again! trade Patches at his lowest get a real deal blue chip in Suzuki and Tuna + i think it was all luck but really it worked out great for us! Tuna replaced Patches # right out of the gate and Suzuki should be a real good player for us.
  7. 100% he is playing ahead of his age and doing a great job no point forcing the issue and screwing him up! if he can take it the best way is to feed him in a bit at a time until he is comfortable playing upper tier minutes and matchups.
  8. personally i doubt that, he is very highly regarded across the league someone would take him on for sure.
  9. Yeah any discussion of Webber leaving is just fantasy he is here till he wants to be done. so if Karlsson comes here it will be Petry who leaves. Afor Shaw well it is a tough one but i could see him getting moved for all the reasons you stated, he did drop Alzner after signing him so who knows?
  10. I will say this, if Karlsson really wants to come here and the money and term are not insane i agree 100% we should do it. adding an elite Dman is always a good idea, but someone will be leaving for that to happen because it still does not solve our LHD problem. also if we can get Duchene i think we have to look at that as well, i don't think the team will make a whole bunch of roster changes because i think part of the teams strength last year was just how tight everyone was. i could see Drouin Petry and or Shaw getting moved to make room for the new salary we would be taking on and our need to still get an LHD. if you have Karlsson and Webber on your right you are solid! Mete and Kulak are going to need help on the left and as for the third pairing we have about 5 of those so we are flush there! up front the addition of Duchene with what we already have and the fact that Karlsson should get us at least a few more PP goals will change the dynamic of the team quite a bit.
  11. if those are going to be the prices for players of that age and level.......not sure we will be signing anyone.
  12. is any of this a rumour? i think most of us know other views on certain players quite well by now... i agree with some of what you say here but i don't want Karlsson not even a little. i want the ideal version of him but i don't trust the guy on the ice i have seen him take many many nights off when things don't go his way. truth be told i wish we had Webber from 10 years ago but we don't and the guys in the room seem to love the guy not sure about Karlsson don't remember Webber or his wife getting into the news all that often either. as for MB well hard to tell if he is learning or just getting lucky!
  13. me too! with roughly the same forward group we already have we would be much better just with the addition at D. if we could tweak our forwards just a bit i think we could have a few very good years.
  14. Yeah but they are generational players that pretty much got what they wanted anyways.
  15. Just out of interest, what makes you think this?