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  1. worried about Juleson
  2. yes good short term fix to take us into the post season.
  3. He was ok but we saw what he had and i found it underwhelming really. i would prefer we move on to another young player for next year who may be better, guys like him are easy to find.
  4. Hmm, Weise is not slow Agostino is not young and quite frankly i much prefer our 4th line right now compared to the game against the Leafs. the playoffs are coming and we are going to be in them unless we fall off a cliff and play gets a bit heavy as the stretch runs comes in so having some experience on the 4th line that can still skate is going to help us and what we gave up to get it is next to nothing.
  5. it would be good for him to get the ape off his back!
  6. not sure i would call Alzner garbage i think the game has just passed him by, the fault is on the team for giving him the contract after getting boxed in!
  7. considering where many thought they would be in the standings at this point compared to the leafs we pretty much can't complain about this game too much! we have a well balanced team not as strong talent wise as the leafs but pretty good!
  8. Like what i have read about the new Dman and as for Weise he is an ok 4th liner and he is going to Laval so we may not even see him. this could be a set up trade for something else.
  9. Going to be tough shooting all the way from Laval!
  10. First pairing left D or nothing for me. we are in no rush this year, lets keep going young fast and talented, we have some very good veteran players and some mid career guys to keep us going till our young players mature.
  11. Yeah that ship has sailed! good player but far too old to give up anything meaningful for.
  12. probably!
  13. Still trying to recover from the fact we scored a goal! may take a bit 10-20 games or so.....
  14. Have not watched in years! means nothing and is not a good show, total waste of time.