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  1. I just read that! wow wonder how the team feels about a player just saying that out loud or Webber for that matter?
  2. I agree with most of this, no way that many good offensive players go the whole season without scoring it seems it is a combo of a long playoff run a super short offseason several key players out and new faces coming in getting up to speed with our system that hurt the most! I di not like the camp either too many players for too long they should have sent guys down sooner to let the guys that were going to stay gel more. we will know much more in a few games we will either pull ourselves up or tank.
  3. For me it is more about these sports writers needing to keep getting paid! look at idiots like Francois Gagnon he is a known Habs hater and just loves when the team has issues when things are going good it is luck when they are going bad it is bad management when the truth is somewhere in the middle.
  4. at this point who cares? it is done.
  5. I read that too really great news! should be playing after the road trip.
  6. Well that was nice! the boy's really needed that! I hope it shakes the rust and pressure off! Niku looked really good and Happy to see Kulak play well too! most of the forwards played a good game and happy for Perrault too what a great night for him! now the strreak has stopped we have to try and crawl out of the hole!
  7. I don't even know anymore? I look at our forward lines and even with the sloppy D we have right now you would think we would score a few goals! This is a pretty big game for us if we come out flat and lost again we are toast! if we win the next two games which we should there may be a small glimmer of hope.
  8. Now now we need to spot the league at least one more game before we go on a tear........Lol!!!!!!!!
  9. Well, it looks like his contract B.S is probably hurting the team! the guys sure look distracted! so how about we just get rid of him and get on with it.
  10. Yep! coaches job to prepare the team this include motivation! it can come in many forms kind words getting the team riled up about some slight or another or togh practices or moving players away from the players they like to play with heck anything is better than the way things are now!
  11. The fact of he matter is this staff is not preparing this team right there is no visible game plan there seems to be no cohesion or confidence. A team that is well prepared may not win but it won't look lost on the ice! as it stands now we should just refuse power plays as all they seem to do is deflate the team and as for the defence at least last night the concept of using a puck mover with a stay at home type was used it did not work well because we have mostly crappy D men but at least the concept was sound! why did it take until the 5th game after 4 losses? WTH is going on here! the GM is just letting things go it seems.........
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