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  1. i think the whole league is waiting for a couple of Laffs to either sign or get traded .once that happens some moves will get done and as the season gets closer some players holding out may blink and sign at less than they thought they would too. i do agree not much action not just here but all over too.
  2. if not Gardiner then who? if we don't fill that slot we are yet again wasting time and years from our best players! get it done and live with it do what you have to do on the other end to get out of it but do something! or don't expect much in terms of results the kids are not there yet and if we make a trade and give up good assets to get a good D man are we any further ahead?
  3. once again i agree 100% it is plain as day and yet we will probably end up with the same issue yet again. cautious is good too much is equally bad.
  4. 100%
  5. at some point we are going to have to get real and sign the players we need for the short term to get the job done. i agree we have to be able to be flexible to allow young players who are developing to move up but they have to earn it too, we can't just put them there and hope they pan out or if we do we can't complain when it takes time. in our case we don't have a ton of time as we have two of our best Dmen and out goalie who are at the end of the prime years they have in them so it is go time for this group. after that you trade away the contracts you don't want and replace them with more kids at a much lower price, it seems that is what the best teams in the league are doing. in Gardiner we don't give up a player other than perhaps a salary dump we get better and we may have a shot, without him or some player like him we are just treading water yet again
  6. if we had Gardiner we would pretty much be a contender not a top 3 contender but a 5-10 contender. this is not because he is so great but it is a hole we have had since Marky left and it would complete out team. i think with him it would balance our D and combine that with a very well balanced if not super star studded bunch of forwards and a great goalie and we would be pretty good. without him or someone like him it is like we have a flat spot and our whole left D will be out of position yet again.
  7. thats pretty negative? i don't see any reason we can't improve we have the chips to do it we need it just get it done. we don't need a superstar just a good mobile LHD who can skate and pass that is not 3 feet tall.
  8. yeah but we don't really need wingers. LHD all the way!
  9. Were good we just need to get better. LHD will be a big step i think it may be enough but i would be fine with a top tier forward too.
  10. i like the signing he is worth at least one more look. if he can get his foot speed up just a bit he could be effective.
  11. And yet he may not ever reach his full potential....we just don't know it looks good but nothing is for sure. McDavid on the other hand is much faster a better shooter at least as smart on the ice and has proven he can play at an elite level as the man to get where as KK has been playing third line minutes as he should as an 18 year old who was not fully developed physically. i hope he becomes a stud center but McDavid is already a stud player and will be for quite a while yet and to trade him the GM in Edmonton would have to get an insane haul or they would lynch him in that city!
  12. UH yeah! if that ever happened MB would have a statue outside the rink!
  13. i don't know how much value Shaw really had, other teams know he has issues too he is one good hit away from it being over.
  14. yep. in the end he has still not proven himself to be a regular NHL player this is it for him this season will be make or break either here or elsewhere.