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  1. 100% not sure where the idea that he was somehow much better in the postseason came from?
  2. So I was just reading that KK has made his way down to the 4th line and is playing about 12 min per game. lot of money for a 4th liner! LoL! be interesting to see what happens there!
  3. Yeah that has been going on for a while I think we need a new person running the PP.
  4. Evans looked pretty good last night not worried about giving him a good look.
  5. Yeah Romanov looked really sloppy out there! all in all it is about what I expected. Edmundson is a really good shut down type d man better than Chiarot and Savard by quite a bit too I liked Wideman overall I see some upside to him Kulak looked good too. Savard said he was still adapting to the system here the other day so I will give him a couple of games before I decide if I like him or not. We played an ok game but I think Hoffman will add another dimension to the team once he gets back I expect him to be with Gally and Evans and that will put Armia and Lehky together on the 4th line which will give it back some skill and direction. Perreault and Paquette don't look like they are good enough for this team they should go, I want to see this new center from the leafs we just picked up too.
  6. I agree, and to some degree a female may be better at breaking up a fight as the guys will not want to injure them for sure.
  7. I said the same thing, we finally have some real good core young talent here do not lose it by screwing around, pay them what they will be worth and we can build a good core that we can afford. in my mind this was the biggest mistakes MB made in the begining with Subban even Price he could have tried to work something out sooner with them kept the cost a bit more in line with what he needed to spend and still had money to get other players.
  8. Yeah I agree with this too 100% no point at all rushing the kid. If he keeps progressing like he has been next year or the year after when he gets here I would think he will be a beast for us to bring him up too soon could hurt his forward development as we have seen with other Dmen in the past. I am fairly sure Chiarot will be gone either at the deadline or for next season the hope is that during this season we can either have one of our guys have a breakthrough or make a trade for someone meaningful. at the end of the day I think Chiarot was a placeholder in MB's mind.
  9. Yep and if he looks good this year I hope we do the same thing with CC.
  10. Happy with this about time we lock up a good young asset before it get screwed up! nothing is for free and this guy is as close to can't miss at center as we have had in 30 years!
  11. Give us just one player like Ovie or Crosby or Stamkos to build around and we could do the same. For that we would have to finish low enough and get the #1 to pick a generational player. imagine how that would go over tanking that bad to get the top draft picks for a couple of years......
  12. Yeah it is an ongoing thing here lots of folks crapping on management about playing young players then when one does not work out the slam them again for bringing them up too soon! and we all have our favorite players who we tend to view only through what they do right and miss the mistakes they make. others only believe the game can be looked at through the lens of advanced stats turning a blind eye to most other things. we all have our point of view and we are all sure we are right! but if you really look around the NHL you will see every team has its own issues and even the ones at the top will fade at some point because they will not be able to keep all of the good players they have! even the teams that suck enough to get the really choice draft picks have no sure path to the top. at the end of the day it is a group of guys that have to play together with what skill they have and getting good direction and prep from the team there is no to it than that.
  13. Yeah we have issues on D not as many as some like to portray though, add one PMD and things look really good! this is a very possible thing to do we have the forward depth to make a move. Petry is the only true Dman we have with offensive upside right now Romanov would be ok for that role on a third pairing but I don't think he has enough to take that role on a second pairing. Ednundson Chiarot are solid defensive type players who can pair with PMD's add one and you could set up each pairing with a good puck mover and a more defensive minded partner. right now we are missing Webber Price Edmunsdon Hoffman Byron from the group so I expect we will get off to a rocky start so the doomsters will all be crying but once Price Eddy and Hoff are back we will be in better shape other than needing what we have needed for 5 years or so another PMD........
  14. What no Chiarot? LOL! I like Guhle too but it is a bit much to put him ahead of Chiarot he is going to be a much better player for sure but he is 19 and as much as I want him to be he is not ready. It is a real shame Norlinder got hurt I was really looking forward to seeing him play enough to get a good look. As for Niku we will see him again for sure.
  15. ? Suzuki CC Drouin Gally Dvorak Hoffman Petry Romanov Anderson are all really good hockey players we have a ton of depth guys after them and once Price gets back as well as Edmundson it makes for a solid team, sure we have a couple of spots that could use some improvement but all teams do! I will agree we don't have a guy like Ovie or McDavid or Matthews but I don't know if paying for them is worth it.
  16. I like Douche and hope he is going to be a more forward thinking coach for us than CJ was we will soon find out as he is going to be under a ton of pressure!
  17. Nah funny how some players show up in time for the playoffs and cap relief! did not forget at all.
  18. yep! no problems only solutions! all teams are having injury issues right now Ovie had to leave his game last night you see all around the league. once our better pl;ayers come off of injuries we will be better but we still have a couple of holes to fill to really be in good shape a good PMD to compliment Petry would be a big one and we could trade a winger or two to find a good center if the options we have don't work out after a few games in the real season.
  19. If he stays and does good work then good if he leaves good I want a guy who wants to be here and if he is playing games right now I want him gone as I see it as him putting himself ahead of the team something he does not like in his players so.......
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