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  1. The last few movies I saw were... 2012: 9/10 Avatar: 8.5/10 The Tell-Tale Heart - 10/10
  2. I have an 18 month old dog, she is a mix between a shih-tzu and a bichon frise, she is all white with brown ears, she is twelve pounds and her name is Echo.
  3. Correction... It is actually good for me...I just checked the Winner's File and it said the winner was me. I'll even prove it to you... =ASHIKHABIB
  4. All of you three have not won - because I have just won!
  5. Thank you, It takes lots of courage for a person to admit defeat on the internet, so once again, thank you.
  6. I dialed them both just now, and it said that I WIN...
  7. Hmmm... You must have heard the wrong recording, because the last time I checked, the recordings said I WIN (When I say I win, I mean ASHIKHABIB WINS!!!)
  8. Two things... 1. What's "Belorussia"? 2. I Win
  9. Actually, the phone number is... 1-800-ASHIK-HABIB-Wins kind of long, but that is the number.
  10. Username: Ashikhabib Real Name: Noah Habib Age: 11 Birthdate: October 29th 1997 Hometown: Ajax, Ontario Birth Place: Scarborough Grace Hospital in Scarborough, Ontario Favorite Current Habs Player: Andrei Markov Favorite All-Time Habs Player: Maurice "Rocket" Richard Favorite NHL Player (Besides The Habs): Evgeni Malkin Favorite All-Time NHL Player (Besides The Habs): Wayne Gretzky Other Teams That I like: Detroit Red Wings, Vancouver Canucks and Carolina Hurricanes
  11. October 29 1997, so that would be the 1997-1998 season, a season which Detroit won the cup.
  12. thanks I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The puppy said that I'm awesome.
  13. "We will now present this trophy to the winner" "And the winner is... ASHIKHABIB" "COME ON DOWN TO CLAIM YOUR TROPHY OF VICTORY" me - "Thank You"
  14. It actually fosen't change the fact that you are loosing. Because I am winning.
  15. Three things... 1. My name is not Joe 2. I'm not loosing 3. Cuz I AM WINNING
  16. What am I talking about?? Read what ths thread is called - "The One Who Answers Last Wins" I am the last to answer, so I WIN!!
  17. Well, I have some interessting news.... Everyone who said that they won is WRONG.... BECAUSE I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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