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  1. had to make a sig after seing that picture
  2. andrei markov?
  3. if it aint moen for ovechkin....
  4. better a virus than a knee injury...
  5. yep wizzie is impressive
  6. i waited till his number and name were in the roster... but i didn't check til' now
  7. #20 James Wisniewski Bio Stats Video Quote Library : “I’m extremely happy to be joining a team that’s a contender for the Cup. I’m planning on doing everything I can to help things stay that way and help the Canadiens keep, December 28 2010 "'All the history, the tradition up there, 18,000 screaming diehards every night,' Wisniewski said. 'I just have to do what I can to help the team I'm with. Now, that's the Montreal Canadiens.'", December 29 2010
  8. Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want.

  9. im gonna leave my post count at 1337 :)

  10. hes more than good enough for the habs lineup, he just gets injured alot
  11. in nhl 2001 i think i traded linden for jagr.
  12. uhhh
  13. let's concentrate on having him score 20 so a certain someone will eat a certain clothing item
  14. j'espère qu'il va nous ammener beaucoup d'ailes de poulet cette année